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Whether you are a stingy shopper, a crazy compulsive shopaholic, an online shopper or likes to go brick and mortar, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome! Welcome! to Reviews and Other Stuff. This blog is created to help average and not so average consumers be informed about a certain product that they’ve been curious about. Here you will find honest and personal reviews from the me, the editor about fashion, pets, gardening, travels etc. This blog also focuses on things you can find online, the actual product/picture apart from what you saw on an online store, how it looks like at different angles, swatches, scents, textures, qualities, details, comparisons and prices. You can also find tips, recommendations and advices on when, where and how to purchase a particular product.

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  • mango pudding recipe

    Quick and Easy Mango Pudding

    Hello Tuesday! It’s sweltering out there and we all need something to cool down. I have something sweet and chilly to share, my quick and simple Mango Pudding. It’ll only take a few minutes to make and it doesn’t involve a ton of ingredients.     Mango is my most favorite fruit in the whole […] Read more…

  • Simply7 Chips Review

    Simply7 Chips Review

      Hello There hungry dieters and snack lovers, here’s some healthy and tasty snacks for you. These Simply7 Chips are an interesting alternative to most snacks and are made from different flavors and ingredients which are clean and simple. There’s Quinoa Chips, Kale Chips, Hummus, Lentil, and Veggie. They’re low-calorie snacks with no preservatives and […] Read more…


  • volant mills pa

    Volant, PA

    Hello Guys! My apologies for not being constant with my postings lately. I’m currently truly, madly, deeply, busy but I hope things will start to simmer down in a few days soon. Thank you very much for your understanding and please check out my Instagram regularly as I’ll be posting more stuff there in the […] Read more…

  • passeig de gracia Barcelona

    Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

    Hola Bon Dia! I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been to Barcelona several times. I’m no longer a stranger to the city since it’s one of my European connection and my third home. Every year I visit this city, yet every time I come here it’s always different. There’s always something new and interesting to see […] Read more…


  • Wild Blue Yonder Rose

    Wild Blue Yonder Rose

    Heya Rosarians! It’s been a while since I featured a rose from my very own yard and this summer has really made my garden look very vibrant and full of life. Part of that because I have this reliable bloomer in my yard, the Wild Blue Yonder Rose.     This AARS winner has been […] Read more…

  • sarah bernhardt pink peony

    Sarah Bernhardt Peony

      Hey guys! thought I may wanna share with you this beautiful pink peony that’s delighted my garden for some years now. It’s called “the Sarah Bernhardt Peony.” Named after the French stage and early film actress, this award-winning, double blooming, largely clustered and extremely fragrant peony is one of the most famous and commercially-used […] Read more…