alessandro nail polish


Got the blues in winter? of course, you do! Welcome to the club! Seriously, I’m talking about a nail polish here 🙂

I’ve always been a fan or red, vampire red, pink, mauve, bloody hell and very dark nail polishes. In my stash of nail lacquers, rarely I find gray, green or blue. Ya know why? because for whatever reason, blue just doesn’t look good on me. Perhaps it’s my skintone, perhaps it’s the light, perhaps it just doesn’t work. I’m always cautious in buying those colors, coz overtime I wear them, my nails just look bruised! Hematoma much?! Well, I’ve also come to realize that perhaps it’s all about the wrong choice. Wrong kind of blue, I mean.

With my chocolate-chip-cookie skin, light in the winter, tan in the summer, I find that varied shades of turquoise works. So, as I was looking for some polishes to try, I saw this little blue, turquoise-like nail polish which came from my Birchbox subscription. I thought, why not give it a try? so, check it out:


alessandro international nail poilsh


I just love the color on my skin, it’s not hematoma at all, it’s a miracle, lol! The nail polish is by Alessandro International Nail Polish in the color Blue Lagoon. It’s a popular brand of nail polish in Europe, which originated in Germany.


alessandro nail polish blue lagoon


It’s a gorgeous turquoise color, which reminded me of Sephora/OPI’s Skinny Jeans, but it’s not really because that one is glittery while this one is not. It’s more like OPI’s Shrek Edition “Ogre The Top Blue” but way darker.


alessandro nails international blue lagoon


Super easy to apply, holds well and dries fast. I believe the brand has a website, but I got mine as part of my birchbox subscription.

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