benefit brow pencil


Let it be said, it’s all in my head, and you will forget about me…I never got through, try playing with you, but I am not in your story…  Witch, don’t kill my vibe! 🙂 likey the song? it’s “Wrote Me Out” by Lenka. Oooh I lurve that song! Anyhow, let’s get down to business folks! 

As part of being an Ultamate Platinum member, yes girl, platinum, not copper nor bronze, I was given a free sample of Benefit’s new eyebrow pencil called Goof Proof Brow Pencil.  Boy I was excited, specially because it came in a beautiful packaging plus it says that it’s waterproof for about 12 hours and that the formula adheres to the hair, not on the skin. Well, my first thought was, how’s it gonna be compared to the famous Anastasia Brow Wiz, Brow Definer and even to Burberry’s Effortless Eyebrow Definer?


benefit eyebrow pencil review

Here’s my take, this Benefit Eyebrow pencil is waxier, creamier and softer than Anastasia’s or Burberry’s. Thus the reason why it adheres to the hair better and not much on the skin. However, it still adheres on the skin somehow, and is very very pigmented, so “a little goes a long way” for this. I mentioned that this formula is softer than most that I’ve used, so be careful in your application, as this could break easily, and there’s not much product in its container. Speaking of application, it’s very easy to apply, and it glides well while really filling your patchy eyebrows, which is my main brow issue. As far as longevity is concern, this is indeed long wearing like Anastasia’s brow products. However, if you already have any of Anastasia’s Brow products, you probably won’t need this, as I couldn’t see much difference between the two.

On the downside, I wish I was sent a darker shade, as shade no.3 seems lighter on my NC30-35 skin, but, it’s still wearable. 🙂




benefit goof proof brow pencil review in shade 3

benefit goof proof brow pencil 3 swatch