Amazon is probably one of the best online store to buy cat or pet supplies. Not only the prices are cheaper than most major pet supplies store, but they also ship fast if you are a prime member.

These are guaranteed to make you and your kittycats or other pets happy.


cat supplies




1. Furry Friends Scallop Ceramic Treat Jar:


furry friends treat jar review



About 7 inch tall, this is a ceramic, dishwasher safe treats jar that’s small, easy to carry, cute and a very good decoration to any house. It has a rubber sealant ring inside the lid that keeps treats fresh.


2. C.E.T Toothpaste, Beef Flavor:


cet enzymatic toothpaste


This is an enzymatic tartar control toothpaste, designed for cats and dogs who are rapid plaque formers. According to C.E.T., this toothpaste contains a strengthened enzyme system, that’s more abrasive than reguslar toothpaste. So it is better and effective at removing dental issues of your pets. It also takes aways bad mouth odors, and no foaming agents, which makes it safer for pets to swallow. Even professionals recommend it. I suggest brushing your pet regularly with this, to avoid dental problems and maintain oral health. It seems to have a good flavor too, since pets seem to love the taste. This toothpaste comes in different flavors.


3. C.E.T Pet Toothbrush:


cet toothbrush




C.E.T’s toothbrushes are good and helps to maintain your pets good oral health. They are easy to use and clean. The bristles are not really soft, they’re more on the medium side.

The green long toothbrush shown here, is C.E.T’s double-ended toothbrush, in which one end is smaller and the other is bigger. They are tapered to your pet’s mouth form and size. I suggest, if you have a bigger pet, use this one.

The blue toothbrush, the one-ended, is made for smaller pets. It’s so easy to manage on your pet’s mouth, and it brushes their teeth well.


4. Go Cat Cat Catcher, Teaser wand with Mouse Cat Toy:


go cat cat catcher teaser wand review


This by far the best cat toy for any cats or a cure to any lazy, bored cats out there. There’s just something about the way this teaser wand moves, it seems to simulate a mouse’s movements. Cats love it a lot, they even go crazy with it. They can play with it for weeks without getting bored and they play non-stop. It is probably the best cat toy ever, and it’s very cheap. Just be careful with the metal/hook/pin that attaches the wand to the mouse. There are reports that it can chip a cat’s tooth. If you can replace it with a thread or anything safe, then it’s better. As with any pet toys, always supervise your pet during play time.