Lug Clipper Flat Iron Case Review.

If you have a fancy-looking flat iron and you’re so scared of scratching it nor damaging it, then you must have owned or have been searching for a reliable good quality flat iron case or pouch. Enter Lug Clipper Flat Iron Case, after a long exhaustive product search online for a robust and functional flat iron pouch.


lug clipper iron pouch


This flat iron case is not only cute and well-made, but it’s also well-thought-out. You don’t need to wait for your styler to cool down, you can just insert it into the sleeve and go. It’s made to fit on standard flat irons, specially ghd’s.


lug flat iron with ghd eclipse


Once the styler is inside, the cord is then secured outside with a velcro wrapped around the case. Easy, nice and clean. It also comes with a hook at the bottom for easy hanging of the sleeve or you can use the drawsting cord to hang it. It makes it easy to store and keeps things tidy.


lug clipper case velcro fasten


lug clipper case


The material of this pouch is pretty sturdy and treated with a water-repellent finish. It comes in diffierent colors and also in quilted pattern. A great alternative to ghd’s heat-resistant mat, since that product is hard to find nowadays.


lug clipper flat iron case back view


lug clipper flat iron pouch top


You can purchase this pouch here

Flat Iron used in this review is GHD Eclipse, a review on this flat iron can be found here.



GHD Heat Protectant Spray for Normal/Fine Hair. A Very Defrizzing Review.

ghd heat protectant spray


What can I say? I just love, love, love this heat protection spray. At first I was like, hmmm, not sure about GHD sprays. I’ve never tried them before, thus the skeptical reaction. I then tried, and I was amazed.

First of all, I love the smell. If Oribé’s legendary Royal Blowout (review here) smells Ooomph!, this one smells Aaaah! as in vavavooom! Truly, I cannot choose which one I prefer now. They both smell great, fresh, luxurious, like an uber expensive perfume you can only dream of. LOL.


ghd heat protect spray for normal to fine hair


The application. It’s simple, just spritz, spritz and spritz. Spritz after showering, spritz before blow drying or spritz before flat ironing. The best thing is, you don’t even need to blow dry or iron your hair, this heat protection spray functions like a hair straightening leave-on serum. Something that most hair balms do, but it only makes you feel oily, yet this one is clean and simple. You can even apply it in-between washes. Perfection galore!


ghd heat protect spray for normal fine hair content


What’s in there? If you have the standard GHD heat protection spray, well, that formulation is incorporated in this type of heat protectant. It’s like a heat protectant plus hair straightener rolled into one. Packaging is slightly smaller than Oribé’s and is usually a size similar to most heat protection spray in the market.


ghd heat protect spray packaging and cap



The result? a glorious, super straight, sleek, smooth hair that doesn’t weigh down and adds a slight bounce. This heat protection spray works wonders on normal to fine hair and defrizzes instantly.


ghd heat protect spray for normal to fine hair packaging appearance


You can buy this heat protection spray at any beauty stores or local salons that carries GHD products, or you can buy it here


GHD also sells their very own standard heat protection spray and specific heat protection spray for different hair types.


Note: Comb shown is from Conair.

Rouge Dior Baume VS Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine

Two of the best lip products in the high-end beauty market nowadays, these lippies boasts a different formula that combines a lip balm and a lipstick. Possible, right? Chanel and Dior did it with a touch of class and elegance, maximizing lip color while not cutting short on moisturization.




rouge dior baume lip shine in diorette


In Diorette:

Oh that quentissential Dior lady, perfect in every way, thus the name represents. If you want bubblegum-colored lips, this is the answer. The perfect blend of light pink and light peachy red, this is the color for every woman out there. Love the lasting power on this.


rouge dior baume in lili color


In Lili:

Lili the cute and peachy color, ideal for someone with a Natalie Portman skin tone, this lippy is also perfect in every way. Might appear to be quite reddish on lighter skinned peeps, and peachy/coral to neutral in tanned skin tone. FYI, if you want that “just bitten” lips, then this is the one to look out for.





rouge coco shine in boy


In Boy:

Not sure why it’s called Boy, either to cover up the boy in you, or if you want to look more like a boy, a.k.a androgynous, but one thing is for sure, this is the most popular shade in Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine line. Simply because it’s an everyday neutral lippy that anyone can wear. Although, darker skin colored should be warned that this color may not show up on your skin, since it’s too neutral.


rouge coco shine in bonheur


In Bonheur:

Bon…what? whatever, this is the best for peeps with darker skin tone and not satisfied with the “Boy” color. This a normal reddish violet color that has golden shimmers and is not overpowering and not too showy. It might appear to be very dark at a glance, but definitely very light once applied. Can be worn everyday without looking like you just woke up from a party.


The Swatches:


rouge dior brume and rouge coco shine swatches



For the best moisturization, Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine wins, it glides effortlessly and feels like a lip balm all time. However, it doesn’t last long (maybe an hour or two) compared to Dior’s (2 to 3 hours). For the best color, go with Rouge Dior Baume, however, it is slightly not as moisturizing as Chanel’s. Tip: If you want these lippies to stay longer, put on a lip primer first, like Too Faced’s Lip Insurance to get a better grip on these rouge baumes. Caution, it might feel a little too heavy on the lips though, but it does work.
These lippies are available at all high-end stores and other beauty stores, and also available here