Rouge Dior Baume VS Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine

Two of the best lip products in the high-end beauty market nowadays, these lippies boasts a different formula that combines a lip balm and a lipstick. Possible, right? Chanel and Dior did it with a touch of class and elegance, maximizing lip color while not cutting short on moisturization.




rouge dior baume lip shine in diorette


In Diorette:

Oh that quentissential Dior lady, perfect in every way, thus the name represents. If you want bubblegum-colored lips, this is the answer. The perfect blend of light pink and light peachy red, this is the color for every woman out there. Love the lasting power on this.


rouge dior baume in lili color


In Lili:

Lili the cute and peachy color, ideal for someone with a Natalie Portman skin tone, this lippy is also perfect in every way. Might appear to be quite reddish on lighter skinned peeps, and peachy/coral to neutral in tanned skin tone. FYI, if you want that “just bitten” lips, then this is the one to look out for.





rouge coco shine in boy


In Boy:

Not sure why it’s called Boy, either to cover up the boy in you, or if you want to look more like a boy, a.k.a androgynous, but one thing is for sure, this is the most popular shade in Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine line. Simply because it’s an everyday neutral lippy that anyone can wear. Although, darker skin colored should be warned that this color may not show up on your skin, since it’s too neutral.


rouge coco shine in bonheur


In Bonheur:

Bon…what? whatever, this is the best for peeps with darker skin tone and not satisfied with the “Boy” color. This a normal reddish violet color that has golden shimmers and is not overpowering and not too showy. It might appear to be very dark at a glance, but definitely very light once applied. Can be worn everyday without looking like you just woke up from a party.


The Swatches:


rouge dior brume and rouge coco shine swatches



For the best moisturization, Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine wins, it glides effortlessly and feels like a lip balm all time. However, it doesn’t last long (maybe an hour or two) compared to Dior’s (2 to 3 hours). For the best color, go with Rouge Dior Baume, however, it is slightly not as moisturizing as Chanel’s. Tip: If you want these lippies to stay longer, put on a lip primer first, like Too Faced’s Lip Insurance to get a better grip on these rouge baumes. Caution, it might feel a little too heavy on the lips though, but it does work.
These lippies are available at all high-end stores and other beauty stores, and also available here

The Victoria’s Secret Free Necklace Review

We all know that Victoria’s Secret loves to give free stuff, whether it’s free tote, free lingerie, towel, clothing, secret rewards card, etc… The nice thing is you get something that you could use or probably give to someone else as a gift, and their free stuff is not that bad. May not be Victoria’s Secret quality, but it can be useful somehow. The catch is you have to buy something at a specific amount to get the freebies and it’s not always everyday that they have giveaways and they’re not all the same.

This time, I got a free necklace after a few lingerie purchase.


victorias secret free necklace box


It’s a pretty golden, lock-style necklace, but quite cheap in quality. I mean, what do you expect? It’s free. I bet the gold tone will fade soon, and it’s a very long necklace, that might look too tacky if a small frame would wear it. However, I really love the way the necklace was packaged. Victoria’s Secret seems to make their stuff look special, even if it’s free.


victorias secret free necklace upon purchase


victorias secret freebies



Free Necklace is probably no longer available. Please check for the latest promotions, coupons and freebies. Freebies are constantly changing and may not be all the same.

Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick Review Part 2

five lipstick gucci audacious


If you haven’t seen the part 1 of this review, please check it out here


In the search for the perfect red, Gucci’s newest lipstick line is a force to be reckoned with.


Bring in the Reds!


gucci audacious lipstick in electric crimson


Gucci Audacious Color-Intense in Electric Crimson

A shiny, shimmering, splended red, super gorgeous and looks good in all skin color. Very Christmasy but not overdone. Love the gold flecks and the bright red tone on this one. My most favorite of them all.


gucci audacious in iconic red


Gucci Audacious Color-Intense in Iconic Red

This kind of red seems vary on different skin colors. Personally, I find this to be very orangey red, not that exciting on tanned skin. Looks better on fair-skinned people probably. Not sure if it deserves to be called Iconic, because it’s not really a true red for me. However, the formula is good, gives a deep pigment in just one application.


gucci audacious lipstick in velvet burgundy


Gucci Audacious Color-Intense in Velvet Burgundy

At a glance, you’d think this is the perfect deep dark red, but upon application, this lipstick turns into a reddish pink, slightly bloody, slightly violet in color. A little too dramatic for daywear and mostly ideal for nighttime use, like parties or other special events.


gucci audacious in berry vanity


Gucci Audacious Color-Intense in Berry Vanity
Probably one of the ideal rich, deep, slightly dark, pure red color in this lipstick line. Just plain deep red without any color influence that suits best on all skin color. One of my favorite. This color is suitable for daywear, but probably better to swipe on lips once since the color is still very rich and deep. A much better red that Velvet Burgundy, if you’re looking for that old hollywood glam red lip.


gucci audacious in imperial red


Gucci Audacious Color-Intense in Imperial Red

The most commanding and most challenging red of all. If you want dark, vampy, slightly scary, halloween type of lipstick, then you can never go wrong with this. You might think this lipstick is reddish brown, no it’s not. It’s red with tons of bloody violet that really makes you look so queenly. Very difficult to wear unless you’re planning to do something sinister, lol. However, this lipstick is pretty if you don’t put a lot and very good for the very tanned or dark skinned people.


The Swatch


gucci lipstick swatches



lipsticks are available here