Dermstore’s Free Samples of Keranique.

If you will purchased Harry Josh Pro Tools Perfect Holiday Blowout Set at, then you might receive a free sample of Keranique Comb, Shampoo and Conditioner.
A nice add-on to the perfect blow dryer in the world.

Keranique Comb Shampoo Conditioner


Keranique Comb: with wide bristles on one side and a narrow one on the other side. Perfect for detangling strands of hair, specially after shower. Reduces split ends and manages hair easily. This is a very useful comb, been looking for something like this for some time now.

Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo: good for fine and weak hair. It adds volume and claims to combat hair loss and split ends. It smells good, very menthol-ish, not in a pain-massage/gel-way, but more of a fresh fruity menthol way. You need to put a lot in your hair in order to lather well. Leaves hair feeling clean and fresh.

Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner: Pretty much like the shampoo, but not as conditioning as most conditioner on the market nowadays. Maybe it’s the menthol, but it just didn’t leave that soft, supple feeling that you get after applying a conditioner. I only noticed it very slightly. Perhaps you just need to put a lot of it in your hair. Other than that, this is still a very good conditioner, and there’s not that much menthol-like conditioners in the market nowadays.


Keranique Sample Set


These samples can be bought full size here. Sample itself might be included upon Purchasing Harry Josh Perfect Holiday Blowout Set here, or at Although Dermstore’s free samples vary a lot upon purchasing Harry Josh Pro Tools Perfect Holiday Blowout Set.

Harry Josh Pro Tools 2000 Pro Dryer, An In-Depth Review.


If you’re looking for the best hair dryer in the market, well, look no further because Harry Josh’s Pro Dryer indeed lived up to its hype. Endorsed by many celebrities and fashionistas, dubbed as the Rolls Royce of all hair dryers, and Allure’s best of beauty winner 2014, this hair dryer packs a punch!


harry josh pro dryer 2000


Let’s take a closer look:

With a mint green color and velvety texture, this hair dryer stands out, not only does it feel good in the hand, it really has that ergonomic feel. The size of the hair dryer is perfect for petite women with small hands and regular sized women as well. You really don’t need to have a foldable feature on this dryer as it is small and light enough on your hands, which makes hair drying a lot easier, and more practical for traveling.

The features:

This hair dryer has an impressive 2000-hour motor life and reduces energy consumption by 70 percent. Hand-made in France with 1875 Watts and 125 Volts. Also comes with a 2 year warranty included with purchase.

I personally liked the 9 ft. cord that comes with this hair dryer, it’s easier to move
around while hair drying, specially if you have very long hair.


harry josh pro dryer 2000 features


There’s 3 switches and 1 blue botton to learn here, the 3 switches are located in the back or outer part and the only blue button is located on the inner part of the hairdryer, which is for cold shots. And by cold shots, I mean it really does throw cold air. Really helpful to reduce static and seal in your hairstyle.

On the 3 swtiches, the first one from the top is the red colored-area switch, to adjust heat.
The second one is the speed and on/off button. You basically have to switch left and right for speed adjustment, and if you leave the switch in the middle, the hair dryer will either turn on or off.
The last switch is for ionic. What does it do? Ionic technology creates negative ions that neutralizes you hairs’ positive charge to create that sleek smooth finish, and it also hastens the drying time. the rule is: if you want sleek straight hair, turn the ionic on, if you want volume or “poofy” hair, turn the ionic off. Harry Josh recommends that if you have fine hair, just turn the ionic off to have some volume, and the opposite goes for people with thick hair.
I personally like the sleek, smooth, long, and superfine hairstyle, so I just keep the ionic on. Whichever works for you.


Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 setting


The Result: This is a very luxurious hair dryer that will live up to its promise. It is easy to carry, easy to use and cuts my hair drying time in half. A 5 dollar hair dryer cannot compare to this thing, and if you are worried about showering because you don’t really feel like using your old hair dryer, as it takes time to dry, well, I’d say this is the answer to your prayers. This hair dryer can even eliminate the need for flat irons, if you know how to use it well. It really makes your hair beeyootiful.


Things to consider:

If you have very long hair, you may have to spend more time drying. The hair dryer comes at a hefty price, available here. Now, here’s an advice, if you have a lot of patience and wants to save money, do not buy the hair dryer at its full price, sign up for Dermstore’s newsletter to get updates on their products, and then sign up for (another company owned related to Dermstore) to get 10% off just for signing up, save the email and hold on to it. Now, wait for Dermstore’s newsletter in the mail for some product promos. From time to time, Dermstore lowers Harry Josh Hair Pro Tools Hair Dryer price. Then it’s time to buy it plus you add the 10% off code from

Right now, Dermstore offers Harry Josh Pro Tools Perfect Holiday Blowout Set with free samples. It includes the coveted Harry Josh Hair Dryer with accessories, a $405 value that costs a lot cheaper than buying the hair dryer alone. Plus dermstore gives you free samples.


harry josh perfect holiday blowout set with free sample


The entire Harry Josh Perfect Holiday Blowout Set looks like this.


harry josh pro tools perfect holiday set


You can buy the set here. Don’t forget to add Blush’s 10% coupon if you signed up for its newsletter.


A review on the samples that came with this hair dryer can be found here.




Bath & Body Works Winter Haul



It’s that time of the year to buy the holiday/winter collection of Bath and Body Works! They released their usual “Holiday Traditions” products plus another one called “A Thousand Wishes”. There are also some new stuff from their Signature Collections. Who doesn’t love Bath & Body Works? No one. They’re cheap, (you need to have their coupon) smells good, has Shea butter for best skin moisturization, and they come in different scents!


From their “A Thousand Wishes” Line:



Smells like: very sweet wine (amaretto), sometimes smells like caramelized strawberry. I can smell some peony flower as undertone. Very strong and very sweet.

From their “Signature” Line:


Smells like: Plum and strawberries mixed with tons of sugar. Thus probably the name Velvet Sugar. A little overpowering, yet smells very delicious. Very cake-ish smell.


Smells like: Bubblegum with some raspberry. There’s also a slight scent of gardenia. A light scent, and not overpowering or sickly sweet.


Smells like: Slightly burned vanilla with pear. Light scent, easy on the senses, and doesn’t smell like food. It also has a mild sandalwood tone.

From their “Holiday Traditions” Line:


Smells like: freshly-picked apples with a bit of cinnamon, thus the soapy smell. I also noticed a rose petal scent and slight orange. Very fresh and light.


Smells like: Strong plum with orchid. Very very strong musky smell. Quite sweet and overpowering, almost like a man’s perfume, yet there’s some food-like scent to it. Also heavy on citrus.


Smells like: Peppermint candy, but once applied, it will take a very interesting turn. It does not only smells like menthol, but you can feel the menthol all over your body. It’s like a more fragrant version of icy hot or salonpas. Basically, like a cooling muscle pain reliever. Imagine the feeling of getting out from an air-conditioned place to a non air-conditioned area. That’s exactly how this body cream feels. My kind of product. I’m all about versatility 🙂


VERDICT: Just buy it! they’re cheap and as I said before, they have different scents for you to choose. They’re not as boring as your everyday drugstore or grocery products. They always have promos and if you subscribe to their email, they’ll send you coupons, they’ll even send you some in the mail. For an $80 value, you could pay only half, and you could get another full size or travel size for free. They even have buy 3 take 3 promos, apart from the coupons you’re getting. With all these, you get a half year of bath & body works supplies. Ain’t that a deal?