Wild Blue Yonder Rose

Heya Rosarians! It’s been a while since I featured a rose from my very own yard and this summer has really made my garden look very vibrant and full of life. Part of that because I have this reliable bloomer in my yard, the Wild Blue Yonder Rose.


Wild Blue Yonder Rose


This AARS winner has been growing in my yard for 4 years now and it has gotten really tall at almost 5 ft. It’s hard not to notice this Grandiflora because its beauty is simply mesmerizing. Its camellia-like petals and form have a vintage feel and it has a moderate citrus scent. It also has multifaceted colors that start with purple-lavender buds, as well as the center, then it goes into reddish purple once in full bloom.


Wild Blue Yonder Roses


The blooms are in clusters which make them a yard showstoppers, and they repeatedly bloom throughout the season. It’s a vigorous rose that doesn’t get sick easily, even if I’d miss its regular fertilization and mildew prevention treatment. It also has a bushy form and can grow really tall at 4 to 5 ft, but it adapts well to regular trimming.


Wild Blue Yonder Rose


The Wild Blue Yonder rose is hardy in zone 6 and up, it requires deep regular watering and regular fertilization with treatments from molds and aphids. Other than that, this is a beautiful non-fussy rose with different tones of reddish-purple-lavender in each bloom that grows in clusters. The saturated color of this rose will truly enhance the beauty of every yard.


The Wild Blue Yonder Rose is available at Regan Nursery


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Happy Wednesday Rosarians!


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Sarah Bernhardt Peony

sarah bernhardt pink peony


Hey guys! thought I may wanna share with you this beautiful pink peony that’s delighted my garden for some years now. It’s called “the Sarah Bernhardt Peony.” Named after the French stage and early film actress, this award-winning, double blooming, largely clustered and extremely fragrant peony is one of the most famous and commercially-used peony nowadays. It has a nice carnation-pink color with a sweet floral fragrant that will command attention everytime you walk around your garden.


pink peonies sarah bernhardt


As a plant, it has a mound shape that can grow up to 2 ft. and 6 inches with dark green foliage. It can grow in zones 2-8 and requires full sun. Though mine has been surviving with some shade, which has probably compromised some of its blooming capacity, but somehow it’s been going strong. This plant requires a good fertile soil, but can also adapt to a slightly loamy soil. It’s very drought tolerant and cold hardy. Even deer resistant or pest resistant. I almost wanna say that it’s also very disease-resistant, but mine suffers from mild mildew at the beginning of the fall when the humidity level goes up. I just spray a good anti-fungal like Honor Guard or Mancozeb every two weeks around late summer and early fall, and that has prevented the problem. Other than that, this plant is almost non-fussy. 



peony sarah bernhardt


As a flower, its blooms are huge, showy, extravagant and resembles an heirloom type. Blooming time is around late spring to early summer. It tends to be long bloomers, though it seems to be shortened when exposed to a full bright sun. It’s a great rose companion and it makes a beautiful cut flower for bouquets and vases.


FYI: Don’tcha know that Peonies can outlive a human’s life expectancy? Yeeeszus, they grow for about a hundred years or more. These plants are here to stay and they’ll even rub elbows with your descendants. Cool, huh? 🙂



Zephirine Drouhin Rose

zephirine drouhin rose


Hello There Rose Lovers! As you may have noticed by now, I’m a big Rosarian. I like to grow and take care of roses in my spare time. Obviously, the rose is my favorite flower. They all come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They also have different scents, characteristics and require different ways of maintenance and care. 

I’d like to tell you about an outstanding and unique rose that’s been growing in my garden for about some time now. It’s the climbing Zephirine Drouhin Rose. Now, this rose is breathtaking and mesmerizing. It produces clusters of abundant pink flowers about four inch in size with almost 30 petals in full bloom. Blooming time is around early spring to autumn. It has a soothing lemon scent and the canes are THORNLESS! Yes they are! 


zephirine drouhin pink climbing rose


It’s definitely one of those roses that won’t prick you while watering or pruning it. Thank God! didn’t know such rose existed. 🙂  The rose itself has dark green foliage that’s quite resistant to mildew and aphids. It grows in Zones 5-9  and will thrive in shady areas. Mine took a while to establish, about 2-3 years, and after that, it became a prolific wonderful bloomer in my garden. I guess it just needs some getting used to. 


zephirine drouhin rose review


This climbing rose is ideal for any trellis, porch or as a hedge. Can reach up to 20 feet in length and 5 feet in width. This rose can get very dense with its blooms and foliage, so be prepared to be mesmerized 🙂 


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