Gibraltar Azalea

gibraltar orange azalea


Why, hello there plant lovers! It’s not everyday that we see an orange plant growing in our yard, even more so an Orange Azalea, specifically, the Gibraltar Azalea. I cannot tell you how much I truly love this plant. All I can is, this Azalea is such a breath of fresh air in my garden. It’s so pretty and so unique. A very delicious looking plant that makes you wanna eat it, because it looks just like an orange popsicle. Such a beauty, indeed.

There’s really not a lot of Orange Azaleas nowadays, and this kind is probably one of the deepest orange shade of all. In fact, I might be the only one who has this color of Azalea in my entire neighborhood. FYI: Azaleas in general are cousins with Rhododendron a.k.a Megatron plant 🙂 and Roses, of course.

This particular plant grows in Zone 5-8 and blooms around mid-spring to late-spring. It’s a prolific bloomer once established. Mine took about 2-3 years to establish since it was dying in its first location where I planted it, then I transplanted it and brought it back from the dead. Now it’s doing so much better in its second life. LOL. 🙂 This plant really needs a lot of sun, trust me.


growing gibraltar orange azalea


Also, this plant likes a well-drained healthy soil, and needs regular watering, not constant though. The same treatment you’ll give to a rose will also work for this kind of plant. Additionall, this plant can also grow up to 6 feet high and 4 inches wide. I haven’t detected any scent so far, but its blooms are amazing and in a deep dark copper-orange shade. I also like how it seems to be quite resistant to fungi or mildew. On top of it, this plant is a guaranteed show-stopper in my garden, such a sight to behold!


Ciao now folks!


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Frau Karl Druschki Rose


frau karl druschki rose


If you’ve been on the hunt for a beautiful white rose in your garden, never ever miss this beautiful Frau Karl Druschki hybrid tea rose. It is possibly one of the best white roses I have ever seen. 

It is not only that the petals are pure white, this rose itself is large and globular and has high-pointed buds. They also have a beautiful green foliage that may require a bit of spraying here and there. Also, this particular rose may not have a strong scent, but its blooms are prolific and a reliable showoff in the garden.


rosa frau karl druschki



Before, this rose was once called the “Snow Queen” or “White American Beauty.” It belongs to the old rose category and is in the gorgeous hybrid tea family. It’s doesn’t really form into a bush, as it has a tendency to act as a climber, which therefore requires training and some staking. Another important note about this rose, is that this may take time to establish itself. But once established, this will be a complete Bloomington. 

This rose can grow in zone 6 to 9 and the plants itself can reach up to 4 to 6 feet in height.


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Mardi Gras Rose

mardigras rose review


One of the most mysterious rose growing in my garden is Mardi Gras. Words cannot describe how striking and how interesting this one of a kind rose. 

It’s a fast blooming floribunda with dark green foliage that’s somewhat much more resistant to disease than others. Has a slight lemon-pepper scent that can grow rather tall and bushy. The bud itself is tall, very well-formed ovoid and pointy that’s very similar to a hybrid tea. 


rosa mardigras rosebud


But the most intriguing thing about this particular rose is how mysterious it can get. Its petals changes color as it blooms and opens everyday. It’s indeed festive like a mardi gras. Even its shape changes into a flattened fan-shaped flower. 

First, the bud of this rose starts yellow at the base and then orangey at the top. Then as it opens, it becomes more like a dark orange tone. As it reaches its full bloom, the petals became more pink while having some yellow-orange gradients at the base.


rosa mardigras


This rose has the orange shade of Living easy and the pinkish tone of Hot Cocoa, while having the same full-bloom shape of Cinco de Mayo. It is indeed amazing and mysterious, plus, easy to grow and slightly less fussy.


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