the fifth wave book review

Hey there fellow book readers and audiobook listeners! let’s talk about one of the well-known young adult novels nowadays, The Fifth Element, joke! I mean The 5th wave. šŸ™‚

I had mixed feelings after finishing this book. I don’t know if it’s the character herself, or if it’s the way the reader read the book. Actually, I almost gave up on this. Reading this book was a struggle. Should I put it down? should I just stop listening it or not? But I hate unfinished books.

The story is basically Red Dawn meets War of the Worlds, minus the Aliens.

There’s something about the main character “Cassie,” not Cassie for Cassandra, or Cassie for Cassidy. Cassie for Cassiopeia. Girl….the heck I care if you’re Cassie Ventura! I ain’t in the mood playing guessing names with you. OMG, I swear, when I read those lines, I thought “this is gonna be a long and boring ride.” Indeed it was, gallons of coffee later, I did finish the book with contempt. This Cassie girl character got into my nerves. I feel like she’s not really into the alien invasion thing. All I could think of is this girl being chased by aliens/silencers while singing “I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth,” or “Hey I just met you, and this crazy, but here’s my number, so shoot me maybe!” Oh, what a pain in the neck, she’s always like, “gosh Evan.” Girl..the world is being invaded by unknown aliens, get over yourself. Grrrr…my hypertension…where’s my Clonidine?…

Speaking of Aliens, where were the aliens? where they’d come from? any background check about them? I swear… I truly hope that book 2 The Infinite Sea will at least answer all these things. I don’t totally hate the book, even if the beginning wasĀ a snooze fest. It did get better towards the ends, as the story became fast-paced. I’m ok with all the characters except, Cassie. Although, compared to most YA novels like Hunger Games and Die Virgin Divergent, this one is way down there.

Perhaps I’m too old for YA novels, but I really don’t think so, as I love those two novels mentioned above, but there’s just something about this book that makes me not wanna read book 2. It’s such a disappointment because I thought I would like this book after seeing the movie’s thriller. Chloe Grace Moretz played the role of Cassie. I haven’t watched the movie yet since I didn’t really like the book, and the movie turned out to have negative reviews. But I might watch itĀ eventually.


Have you read this book already?


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