Behold!!! A cross stitch that took me 7 years in the making!!! Yes 7 long painful years of stitch counting, floss separating, threading, being pricked by needles, becoming cross-eyed, losing time, sitting for long periods, hours of coffee and tons of audio books listened…LOL!!! Name it, I did it. Finally, it’s done! thank God in the heavens, earth, and even in the purgatory, this ordeal is done. 🙂


bordighera italy cross stitch


Well, this cross stitch wasn’t so bad at all, in fact, this was a very enlightening process. Let me tell you how it all started. It all started in late 2008, I was young at that time, (now I’m old, but not that old 🙂 ) and I was waiting for my life to happen, but while waiting, I decided to make a project, and I thought “why not make a big project?”, you know, the kind that makes you wanna say, “it’s gonna be the project of my life.” In fact, I’ve already done some cross stitch projects before, probably half the size of this one, so I wasn’t a stranger to this art form anymore. Anyhow, I went and bought the pattern of Claude Monet’s Bordighera Italy from because I wanted something that was paint-inspired. When I received the pattern, I literally collapsed on my seat. The pattern itself requires exactly 92 colors or floss and it’s so complicated that it required me to change floss/skeins every 3-4 squares at most.


cat likes cross stitch


I should have known. Claude Monet’s cross stitch pattern is as complicated and elaborate as his painting. Yet there I was, I had no idea what I was about to go through or what kind of adventure was in store for me.


cross stitch collectibles bordighera italy


The devil is indeed in the details. This cross stitch required a very meticulous arrangement of flosses and its numbers. I had to put needles in each floss/skeins to save time and not having to rethread over and over again. I didn’t use frames on this as I wasn’t able to find a large one to accommodate this project which is 25×20 in size. It’s all done in full stitch, thank goodness, but the biggest challenge was changing floss almost every 3-5 seconds, specially around the area that transitions into a figure, like around the tree. They go from light blue, medium blue to dark blue, etc. and each color transition means changing floss colors all the time. It was a painstaking process. In fact, there were times when I wanted to throw it away or burn it down. I even stopped working on this for a year as I was losing interest and also because of life and everything in between. 🙂


cross stitch floss numbers organization


Actually, this should have been done in about 3-4 years, but it was only last May 2015 that I finally had the courage to keep going, especially after I finally decided that I should not finish a project half-assed. 🙂  So I went down to business and got tons of coffee consumed, together with a gazillion of audiobooks, I finally finished the project of a lifetime. Perhaps the one and only ever because I don’t see myself making this size of project ever again, unless the pattern is going to be easy.


cross stitch patten skeins graphs


Thank God I didn’t give up. That’s the best lesson I learned from doing this project. But hey, guess what, this wasn’t my last and final project at all. A few came after this, and in fact, I’m currently working on one right now. Cross stitch is a fulfilling hobby, one that requires patience, details, and endurance. It will teach you something about yourself like what you can do or what you can endure. Think of it as a meditation. It is very relaxing and the moment you see your project framed on the wall the feeling is priceless!


cross stitch bordighera italy


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