And the best facial moisturizer goes to… Caudalíe Premier Cru?

caudalie premier cru la creme riche review


What’s up with this moisturizer? People seem to love this cream so much, they said it’s very hydrating, it smells good, and it lasts a long time.


allure best of beauty caudalie premier cru best cream moisturizer


Hmmm…Let’s see…
While Allure Magazine’s recommendation is almost always good, I’d say that this cream can be either a hit or a miss. It depends on what you really prefer for a cream, and it also depends on your skin type.

First and foremost, this cream is extreeeeemely thick! I almost cannot grab the product using my fingers. You will definitely need a scoop in order to apply this on the skin, and a little definitely goes a long way. Even after using a pea size amount, it would take a long time to spread this moisturizer evenly, so you might need two hands to warm and soften this up. It can be quite a work.


caudalie premier cru allure winner


I especially like my moisturizers to be creamy, smooth and soft, so for me, I feel like this one is a bit too much.


review on allure best of beauty 2014 caudalie premier cru facial moisturizer


Upon application, this cream is indeed hydrating, no doubt about it. For someone like me who has dry skin, this is a big help, however, I find this cream to be too hydrating that it almost sits on my skin and I just felt “oily” all the time. It’s like I can feel this cream being always on my face. It felt very uncomfortable. I didn’t even put too much, but I guess this is just how this cream works.

What I love about this cream are its ingredients. Think red wine, as in resveratrol, polyphenol and hyaluronic acid, the main anti-aging formula.


best facial moisturizer caudalie premier cru


While I love the concept of an all-out anti-aging moisturizer with a good packaging and a not-so-bad grape-like scent, I’m not really a fan of using very thick creams that is almost clay-like on my face. I prefer a cream that’s easy to apply, hydrating, and one that gets absorbed fast by my face. Bottom line, I can only recommend this cream for winter especially if you need protection against cold, wind, and snow.

If interested, you can buy Caudalíe Premier Cru cream here