It’s that time of the year to buy the holiday/winter collection of Bath and Body Works! They released their usual “Holiday Traditions” products plus another one called “A Thousand Wishes”. There are also some new stuff from their Signature Collections. Who doesn’t love Bath & Body Works? No one. They’re cheap, (you need to have their coupon) smells good, has Shea butter for best skin moisturization, and they come in different scents!


From their “A Thousand Wishes” Line:



Smells like: very sweet wine (amaretto), sometimes smells like caramelized strawberry. I can smell some peony flower as an undertone. Very strong and very sweet.

From their “Signature” Line:


Smells like: Plum and strawberries mixed with tons of sugar. Thus probably the name Velvet Sugar. A little overpowering yet smells very delicious. Very cake-ish smell.


Smells like: Bubblegum with some raspberry. There’s also a slight scent of gardenia. A light scent, and not overpowering or sickly sweet.


Smells like: Slightly burned vanilla with pear. Light scent, easy on the senses, and doesn’t smell like food. It also has a mild sandalwood tone.

From their “Holiday Traditions” Line:


Smells like: freshly-picked apples with a bit of cinnamon, thus the soapy smell. I also noticed a rose petal scent and slight orange. Very fresh and light.


Smells like: Strong plum with orchid. Very very strong musky smell. Quite sweet and overpowering, almost like a man’s perfume, yet there’s some food-like scent to it. Also heavy on citrus.


Smells like: Peppermint candy, but once applied, it will take a very interesting turn. It does not only smells like menthol, but you can feel the menthol all over your body. It’s like a more fragrant version of icy hot or Salonpas. Basically, like a cooling muscle pain reliever. Imagine the feeling of getting out from an air-conditioned place to a non-air-conditioned area. That’s exactly how this body cream feels. My kind of product. I’m all about versatility 🙂


VERDICT: Just buy it! they’re cheap and as I said before, they have different scents for you to choose. They’re not as boring as your everyday drugstore or grocery products. They always have promos and if you subscribe to their email, they’ll send you coupons, they’ll even send you some in the mail. For an $80 value, you could pay only half, and you could get another full size or travel size for free. They even have buy 3 take 3 promos, apart from the coupons you’re getting. With all these, you get a half year of bath & body works supplies. Ain’t that a deal?