Everyone’s mesmerized and crazy about the coveted and the original Dior “Mise En Dior” double-sided pearl earrings. It is one of the latest craze in earrings nowadays. Worn by likes of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence, this style of earrings mixes tribal style with modern, spunky and trendy fashion. A lot like the ear jackets and ear cuffs that are trending nowadays, these earrings are so unique and so intriguing that a lot of fashion jewelry makers have been inspired to recreate them.


review on double side pearl stud earrings


Enter Baubblebar’s 360 Stud earrings which closely resemble the famous “Mise En Dior” earrings by Dior at a much cheaper price.

These Baublebar 360 Pearl Stud earrings come in different shades, but the ivory-colored ones are probably the most popular. They are faux-pearl but looks exactly like the real thing. They are about $28 and is indeed a very good alternative to Dior’s. However, I find that the metal used in these earrings makes my ear itchy. So if you have any metal allergy (nickel) better beware. I also noticed that the earrings don’t grip/lock each other well. They seem to come off easily. But for its price, it’s a nice alternative while saving for Dior.


review on baublebar pearl 360 earrings

This particular style of earrings, whether the expensive Dior or the cheaper alternative from Baublebar, are no doubt fun and original. Be prepared for some people asking: “Where did you get those beautiful funky earrings?”. LOL! What a unique way of revamping the good ol’ classic pearl, isn’t it?


mise en dior tribal earrings