benefit sweet to meet you


Whaddup! Today, I would like to talk about some popular products from Benefit Cosmetics. I know y’all know them. So chill, this will be just a recap. I got this amazing Benefit set called Sweet To Meet Ya! as a Sephora Beauty Insider Member. However, it’s no longer available nowadays, but you can still purchased each of the product in this set either at Sephora or at For this review, I’d like to talk about what’s inside this amazing set, and it contains the best stuff from Benefit Cosmetics.


benefit girl meets pearl reviewGirl Meets Pearl – Who doesn’t want a good luminizer/highlighter? with all the strobing, contouring, and conjuring going on, I’m sure we’re all crazily hoarding this. I, for one is guilty with that. This shade, in particular, works well in almost all skin tones. Harmless as I may say. I love the pearl-ish effect it has, although it looks yellowish on my NC30 skin, but hey! it doesn’t look bad, just don’t put a lot, or else people are gonna think you doused in Canola oil. Ya know, don’t let them say “you look oily”. No girl, it’s called Strobing, learn your dictionary, lol.


benefit badgal lash reviewBADgal Lash Mascara – Love the color and the brush, can’t complain about that, however, this is not a waterproof mascara. Benefit has another product similar and is waterproof. You know the golden rule: If you’re gonna buy a mascara, better buy a waterproof one, unless you’re given a non-waterproof for free, then no probs with that. Ya know, you wanna avoid all ghastly accidents come rain, snow, ice or sleet! You don’t wanna look like the next cast for American Horror Story whenever you cry or when there’s some sort of humidity. Just saying… Although, the ease of removing non-waterproof mascara is something you might wanna also consider.


benefit benetint reviewBenetint – Lurve this thing! It’s so versatile, and probably the first and best product from Benefit Cosmetics. It’s so easy to use, either on your lips before any primer or lipstick, (hello Korean pink lips) or on your cheeks, (hello Chrissy Teigen cheeks wannabes). Anywhere and wherever, this products stains and lasts a long time. So if you’re in a hurry, like really really in a hurry that you need to leave the house in .0000005 seconds, grab this! oh and don’t forget to grab a mirror too, you don’t wanna look like a clown. 🙂

Now, if you really really want the same pack that I have in this review, good news! they are still available at, buy it here