HP Sprocket VS Canon Ivy Portable Photo Printer

canon ivy compared to hp sprocket


As much as I love to take a ton of photos, I also find myself trying to find the most convenient way of printing my favorite shots without having to go to a photo printing facility or drop by to a local drugstore. These could take some time especially if there are long lines at the counter or if there are printing instructions to figure out, and worst, having to deal with a malfunctioned computer. I experimented on two popular portable photo printers which are from HP and Canon. I also own a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic which develops photos instantly within minutes of taking a picture, but I have yet to see the photo quality of its portable photo printer which is called Instax Share. So for now, I would like to review and compare the two portable picture printers I mostly use: the HP Sprocket Plus ($149.95) and the Canon Ivy ($99).


canon ivy vs hp sprocket
Canon Ivy uses blue smartsheet, while HP Sprocket uses orange


Not only are these two portable printers convenient to use, but they also provide for a fun-filled activity since they’re perfect as keepsakes for family and friends, and they’re also great to use for mood boards or for any room decor inspiration. There is a lot of usage with these instant portable printers and all you need to do is to buy the refill paper and you’re good to go. Take note that both HP Sprocket and Canon Ivy uses Zink technology or Zink paper which does not require ink cartridges in order to print. However, there’s still a huge difference with their photo quality compared to when using the standard photo paper. Also, even though both Canon and HP uses Zink paper and can be charged via the standard USB cord, their final prints are definitely not alike, not to mention their respective hardware.


canon ivy vs hp sprocket portable printer review


I first had the HP Sprocket Plus which I preferred over the standard size HP Sprocket because of its larger dimension. If I could find a portable photo printer that could print in 4×6, I would definitely go for that, but for now, the largest I have is the HP Sprocket Plus which is 2.3×3.4. The usual HP Sprocket has more or less the same size as the Fujifilm Instax, as well as the Canon Ivy. The HP Sprocket Plus and the Canon Ivy require apps to be downloaded first before you can start printing the photos. These devices connect to your phone via Bluetooth.


Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these two.


HP Sprocket/Sprocket Plus


sprocket app review


This printer charges fast and it uses its own Zink paper in orange smartsheet which calibrates the device for a specific paper pack. The app is easy to figure out and it’s quite intuitive. It has what it calls “AR” or “Reveal” function which allows you to scan the printed photos to reveal more contents about it. I don’t really use that feature much, but it’s good to know that HP has it. Additionally, the app has several filters to choose from and it also features frames and other photo special effects. The hardware prints fast and it doesn’t run out of power so soon. However, the final print takes on a more cyanotype tone, which is basically bluish and can look a bit gloomy. Depending on the photo, some may look a bit depressing. Also, for most 80% of the photos, there seem to appear a weird stripe that is kind of annoying, especially if you take a closer look at the prints. The refill paper for the Sprocket Plus is $10.39 for 20 sheets and for the Sprocket it’s $24.99 for 50 sheets or $4.99 for 20 sheets which are all sticker-backed.


Canon Ivy


canon ivy mini print app


This device which has a blue smartsheet has a pretty confusing app and it’s definitely not as intuitive as the HP Sprocket. It does have several filters and photo effects to choose from but the device itself gets hot and its power seems to drain easily. Printing is slow, a bit lagging, and also a bit noisier than the HP. The photo quality is in sepia tone, which is warmer and closer to the natural skin tone. I like that because it makes portrait photos appear alive, more natural, and realistic. It’s also brighter and quite similar to the photos on the phone but still not quite exactly. Sometimes some of the photos could get way too bright, but it’s not so bad. Though the prints may be small in size, it’s still clearer than my HP Sprocket Plus and there are no stripes! It’s also less expensive than the HP Sprocket ($129.95) and the HP Sprocket Plus. The refill paper price is $9.98 for 20 sticky-back sheets or $24.99 for 50 sheets.


All photos compared here are unadjusted. You can tell the difference in the photo quality between these two printers.


canon ivy vs hp sprocket photo quality comparison

hp sprocket comparison canon ivy


I have not tried replacing the HP Zink paper with the Canon ones or vice versa. But I have seen a youtube video where you can use the HP paper for the Canon Ivy, as long as you retain Canon’s orange smartsheet to calibrate the printer. FYI: when refilling the paper, always load with the smartsheet first with its barcode facing down.


canon ivy vs hp sprocket plus


Overall, I think I prefer the Canon Ivy’s photo quality more than the HP Sprocket or the HP Sprocket Plus, but I do love the size of the Sprocket Plus just because it’s a bit larger than the others. Although, it’s a little challenging to find the right frame or album that could store the HP Sprocket Plus’ photos since it’s not the standard size. I don’t seem to like the app of the Canon Ivy, but I also hate the stripes of the HP Sprocket which distorts the photo, and it makes it look grainy. It may not appear all the time in all the photos, but when it does, it can be really obvious. If Canon will make a large size of the Ivy like the Sprocket Plus, I would definitely purchase that.


best portable photo printers canon ivy and hp sprocket


Final thoughts, the photo quality of these portable photo printers are never going to be the same as the ones printed in photo paper or not even quite exactly the same as the photos in your phone, but these win for convenience and for the instant gratification of being able to print our most precious memorable shots, because after all, we still love to see our work printed and placed inside an album or framed somewhere in our homes.


The HP Sprocket and the Sprocket Plus is currently available HERE and HERE

The Canon Ivy can be purchased HERE


I will be testing the Fujifilm Instax Share printer pretty soon, so stay tuned…


Have you used these printers before? What are your favorite portable photo printers?



Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow Review + Swatches

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow review


Hello guys, Happy Almost Spring! I can’t believe Winter’s almost over, however, it’s still cold from where I’m at and I’m still rocking my dark outfits along with my smokey eyeshadows. Speaking of eyeshadows, there’s one I’ve been playing with lately and it’s the Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow (10 shades: $125). For a long time, I’ve been wanting to have at least one PMG eyeshadow because the shades are just so unique and so stunning to look at, not to mention the glowing reviews. PMG Labs seem to be equated with high-quality makeup along with outstanding ingredients and superb pigments. Out of all the PMG eye palettes, I had my eyes set on the Bronze Seduction eyeshadow because, for me, the colors in this palette seem to be the most cohesive. However, I keep skipping it because it’s really pricey. 


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow


When this Bronze Seduction eyeshadow kept getting sold out for quite some time, I decided, it’s time to pull the trigger and find out how will this eye palette perform on me and does it really live up to the hype? or at least, are the Pat McGrath eyeshadows really worth it?


The PMG Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow has 10 ultra-pigmented shades which are composed of 3 finishes: matte (3), shimmer (3), and glitter (4). At first glance, it gives you the impression that it’s mostly full of bronzey and coppery shades. Upon closer look and initial swatch test, it’s actually full of a pretty versatile group of colors because it can create a neutral daytime look and it can also take you to a date night ultra-glam occasion.


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow review


Skin Show Divine Glow – shimmery golden champagne

Entrapment – mid-terracotta matte

Blaze Bronze – glittery golden bronze

Rose Gold 005 – glittery rose gold

VR Fire Opal – glittery color shifting chartreuse

Xtreme Aubergine – darkened matte violet

Gilty Pleasure – shimmery bronze-taupe

Disobedient – matte mahogany

Blitz Flame – shimmery metallic crimson

Astral Luna Gold – glittery white gold


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow swatch


Let’s take a moment to admire the packaging of this eyeshadow palette. It is SO beautiful! and so well-thought-out. This probably has the most beautiful presentation for an eye makeup palette that I’ve ever seen. But we all know that PMG cosmetics, in general, puts emphasis on the aesthetics of their packaging.


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow review


I find the matte shades to be buttery soft and very easy to blend. They’re so pigmented that I have to be really light-handed when applying them and I have to use a very soft blending brush like the ones from Ulta (seen HERE) in order not to overdo my eye makeup game.


The shimmery ones are also quite pigmented but they do have a nice soft shimmery effect, but it’s not like they don’t go unnoticed. They’re softly dramatic and they complement the matte shades very well, especially if you don’t wanna go all shining, shimmering, splendid during the day. When it comes to the glittery colors, I find them to be very unique, especially the VR Fire Opal and the Astral Luna Gold. These two shades are kinda out of this world and they shine bright like a diamond, LOL. I love how they transform the lid into this all-out dramatic look-at-me type of eye makeup. These glittery shades are definitely commanding yet they feel soft and not scratchy on the lids. I did see a few subtle fallouts but it’s nothing serious. I love that I could layer the glitter from just a hint of it to a super blinding one if I want to.


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow


Dupe-wise, I could think of Urban Decay Naked Heat (reviewed HERE), Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in #4 (swatched HERE), and some shades of the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk (HERE) and Rose Gold Palette. Although, I think quality-wise, this PMG Bronze Seduction eye palette feels a bit of a step up among all those palettes mentioned. As for the quality of its glittery shades, they definitely reminded me of the glittery ones from Tom Ford Cream + Powder Eye Color (seen HERE).


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow



Overall, I highly recommend this Pat McGrath Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow Palette. I think out of all the PMG eye palettes out there, this is probably the best one in terms of color coherence and each shade is truly beautiful and universally wearable, apart from looking very unique. My eye makeup looks stunning whenever I wear this and this lasts the whole day without smudging. However, I still recommend that you use a lid primer when using this palette so as to make sure that your eye makeup stays put no matter what the situation calls for. If you’re going to have just one Pat McGrath eyeshadow in your life, this has got to be the one since this will bring out the best in your eyes.


The Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Bronze Seduction Eyeshadow is currently available at Sephora and Bergdorf Goodman


What’s your favorite PMG Eyeshadow palette?



Simple Mediterranean Lamb Chops

simple lamb chops recipe


Hello guys, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I promised to share with you some of the recipes I’ve been preparing in my kitchen lately. One of them is this simple Mediterranean-style Lamb Chops that I accidentally discovered while trying to make a Gyro, LOL. I honestly had a hard time perfecting that dish and even to this day, I’m still trying to figure out how I could do it better. So if you have any suggestions or any recipe on how to make a simple Gyro, let me know.


So, back to my newly-discovered Lamb Chops recipe, I actually love how simple this recipe is and anyone can absolutely do it with almost no margin or error, ha! On top of that, there are no overwhelming ingredients involved, just a few basic ones you’d typically find in your kitchen. Also, as someone like moi who is on a Keto diet for almost a year now and has a super busy lifestyle, this recipe is perfect. It’s pure protein and it’s super easy and quick to prepare.




costco lamb chops frenched


Frenched Lamb Rack, sliced into 9 pcs (got mine at Costco)


For Marinating:


simple mediterranean lamb chops recipe


1/2 cup Olive Oil

1 tsp Oregano

1 tbsp Garlic Salt

1/4 tsp ground black pepper


For Cooking:


1/2 cup Canola Oil or any cooking oil you prefer





  1. Slice Lamb Rack into individual pieces and put it in a large bowl. Approximately 9 or 10 is what we need for this recipe.
  2. In a smaller bowl, combine all the ingredients found in the marinating list, and pour/rub it into the lamb. Make sure each meat’s surface is thoroughly coated.

marinating lamb chops


      3. Cover the bowl with the lamb and marinate for 30 minutes inside the refrigerator.

      4. After marinating, pour the Canola Oil into a cooking pan (mine’s about 12 inches in diameter) and heat it using medium fire.

       5. Fry the lamb chops until they turn medium brown.


mediterranean lamb chops


             Serve with sautéed Asparagus (optional)


Voila! That’s it! It’s super easy and ready to eat 🙂 This recipe is good for two people. You can adjust it accordingly if you’re serving it for several guests. Enjoy!


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