brittany fuson paper review


Hello World! A few days ago, I discovered these chic and fashionable prints, planners, notepads, notecards and luggage tags from the talented illustrator Brittany Fuson. I’ve been looking for a trendy, girly and very fashionista-like stationeries to inspire me to write everyday, and these cute paper stuff never disappoint.

I admit I’m not much of a “planner writer” type of person, but since I saw Brittany Fuson’s 2016 planner, I was like “I’ve got to have that planner.” It’s so cute and so pretty. It’s a bit too late to have a planner now though, but it’s never too late to start planning for the next adventure, right?

I’m pretty sure I will get the most use of her chic luggage tags and notepads. The luggage tags are sooo me (in my dreams 🙂 ), while the notepads are gonna be so useful for jotting down things easily. Like, “making a list, checking it twice”. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do for the notecards, I feel like not using them because they’re so pretty, but I know eventually I’ll find a good use of them. 

Will definitely buy more Brittany Fuson Paper in the very near future, right now I’m eyeing her Charm Ornaments,  and you can buy it here


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