Hi makeup junkies and makeup hoarders! Are you a fan of Buxom? Well, I’ve been wandering inside my local Sephora on a silent afternoon where nobody cared to assist me and I was like “that’s awesome, I’m gonna roam around and try some products”, In fact, I was planning to test, swatch, and play. What better way to spend your free afternoon, right?

I was actually looking for some liquid matte lipsticks, until I reached the Buxom section and I got curious. There were a lot of Buxom products in my local Sephora, I was actually surprised. Perhaps because they were placed in the corner and people tend to just not look in those areas. So off I tried their Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick


buxom wildly whipped liquid lipstick


Buxom advertised them as having a whipped texture and has a soft matte finish. I was curious as to how it would fare compared to a lot of matte or soft matte liquid lipsticks in the market nowadays.


Here’s three of my favorites:



buxom instigator swatch

Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick in Instigator – Toasted Fig. This color is on the warm neutral fig side. It is not so nude but quite flesh-peach in tone that suits very well on any skin tone. It will give a nice complementary shade to anybody who is tanned or slightly tanned as well. For fair-skinned ladies, this might appear as very warm nude to you. Of all the three liquid lipsticks mentioned here, this is my most preferred shade. As this resembles a cross between Buxom’s Centerfold and Devious Dolly.


buxom centerfold swatch

Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick in Centerfold – Warm Nude. This looks like very light peachy-coral on me. It is also a bit quite nude on my skin, so it didn’t really come out as warm nude for someone like me who has an NC30-35 skin tone. If you have lighter skin tone than mine, this might be the ideal nude for you, or it might even come out as too warm. However, I still love this shade because it’s neutral enough for easy everyday look. I mean, you know, sometimes you just need to look “not so exagg…” 🙂


buxom devious dolly swatch

Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick in Devious Dolly – Sultry Mauve. This color was love at first sight. Will this make you sultry? depends, girl…trust me. The color can be quite devious, though. It looked quite similar to “Instigator” at first glance, even on an arm swatch at Sephora, but once applied on my baboon lips and swatched on mid daylight, well, it turned out to be quite bold and bright. It’s more of a dull coral-red tone, but bold and bright enough to be noticed. It’s still wearable on any time and occasion though. This would work in any skin tone as well.


Arm Swatch: 


buxom wildly whipped lightweight liquid lipstick arm swatches


buxom wildly whipped lightweight liquid lipstick review


I love these lipsticks a lot, although a lot of people said that it didn’t really set as a soft-matte liquid lipstick that it claimed to be. Still, compared to some other liquid lipsticks out there that are non-mattes, these are really well-made. I love how mild the scent is, and I love the thick glass packaging as well, even if it doesn’t really fit in the slots of my lipstick organizer. The packaging is on the thick heavy side with a nice smooth brush applicator. The formula feels whipped and creamy and the shades are nice and wearable, but this won’t give you a matte-effect on your lips if that’s what you’re looking for. You will also need to reapply them after a few hours. Lastly, I can definitely say that I am now a Buxom fan. 🙂