7 Years In The Making, Monet Bordighera Italy Cross Stitch

Behold!!! A cross stitch that took me 7 years in the making!!! Yes 7 long painful years of stitch counting, floss separating, threading, being pricked by needles, becoming cross-eyed, losing time, sitting for long periods, hours of coffee and tons of audio books listened…LOL!!! Name it, I did it. Finally, it’s done! thank God in the heavens, earth, and even in the purgatory, this ordeal is done. 🙂


bordighera italy cross stitch


Well, this cross stitch wasn’t so bad at all, in fact, this was a very enlightening process. Let me tell you how it all started. It all started in late 2008, I was young at that time, (now I’m old, but not that old 🙂 ) and I was waiting for my life to happen, but while waiting, I decided to make a project, and I thought “why not make a big project?”, you know, the kind that makes you wanna say, “it’s gonna be the project of my life.” In fact, I’ve already done some cross stitch projects before, probably half the size of this one, so I wasn’t a stranger to this art form anymore. Anyhow, I went and bought the pattern of Claude Monet’s Bordighera Italy from xs-collectibles.com because I wanted something that was paint-inspired. When I received the pattern, I literally collapsed on my seat. The pattern itself requires exactly 92 colors or floss and it’s so complicated that it required me to change floss/skeins every 3-4 squares at most.


cat likes cross stitch


I should have known. Claude Monet’s cross stitch pattern is as complicated and elaborate as his painting. Yet there I was, I had no idea what I was about to go through or what kind of adventure was in store for me.


cross stitch collectibles bordighera italy


The devil is indeed in the details. This cross stitch required a very meticulous arrangement of flosses and its numbers. I had to put needles in each floss/skeins to save time and not having to rethread over and over again. I didn’t use frames on this as I wasn’t able to find a large one to accommodate this project which is 25×20 in size. It’s all done in full stitch, thank goodness, but the biggest challenge was changing floss almost every 3-5 seconds, specially around the area that transitions into a figure, like around the tree. They go from light blue, medium blue to dark blue, etc. and each color transition means changing floss colors all the time. It was a painstaking process. In fact, there were times when I wanted to throw it away or burn it down. I even stopped working on this for a year as I was losing interest and also because of life and everything in between. 🙂


cross stitch floss numbers organization


Actually, this should have been done in about 3-4 years, but it was only last May 2015 that I finally had the courage to keep going, especially after I finally decided that I should not finish a project half-assed. 🙂  So I went down to business and got tons of coffee consumed, together with a gazillion of audiobooks, I finally finished the project of a lifetime. Perhaps the one and only ever because I don’t see myself making this size of project ever again, unless the pattern is going to be easy.


cross stitch patten skeins graphs


Thank God I didn’t give up. That’s the best lesson I learned from doing this project. But hey, guess what, this wasn’t my last and final project at all. A few came after this, and in fact, I’m currently working on one right now. Cross stitch is a fulfilling hobby, one that requires patience, details, and endurance. It will teach you something about yourself like what you can do or what you can endure. Think of it as a meditation. It is very relaxing and the moment you see your project framed on the wall the feeling is priceless!


cross stitch bordighera italy


If interested to get this pattern or browse some other “art” cross stitch patterns, checkout cross stitch collectible’s website, xs-collectibles.com



The 5th Wave Book/Audiobook Review


the fifth wave book review

Hey there fellow book readers and audiobook listeners! let’s talk about one of the well-known young adult novels nowadays, The Fifth Element, joke! I mean The 5th wave. 🙂

I had mixed feelings after finishing this book. I don’t know if it’s the character herself, or if it’s the way the reader read the book. Actually, I almost gave up on this. Reading this book was a struggle. Should I put it down? should I just stop listening it or not? But I hate unfinished books.

The story is basically Red Dawn meets War of the Worlds, minus the Aliens.

There’s something about the main character “Cassie,” not Cassie for Cassandra, or Cassie for Cassidy. Cassie for Cassiopeia. Girl….the heck I care if you’re Cassie Ventura! I ain’t in the mood playing guessing names with you. OMG, I swear, when I read those lines, I thought “this is gonna be a long and boring ride.” Indeed it was, gallons of coffee later, I did finish the book with contempt. This Cassie girl character got into my nerves. I feel like she’s not really into the alien invasion thing. All I could think of is this girl being chased by aliens/silencers while singing “I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth,” or “Hey I just met you, and this crazy, but here’s my number, so shoot me maybe!” Oh, what a pain in the neck, she’s always like, “gosh Evan.” Girl..the world is being invaded by unknown aliens, get over yourself. Grrrr…my hypertension…where’s my Clonidine?…

Speaking of Aliens, where were the aliens? where they’d come from? any background check about them? I swear… I truly hope that book 2 The Infinite Sea will at least answer all these things. I don’t totally hate the book, even if the beginning was a snooze fest. It did get better towards the ends, as the story became fast-paced. I’m ok with all the characters except, Cassie. Although, compared to most YA novels like Hunger Games and Die Virgin Divergent, this one is way down there.

Perhaps I’m too old for YA novels, but I really don’t think so, as I love those two novels mentioned above, but there’s just something about this book that makes me not wanna read book 2. It’s such a disappointment because I thought I would like this book after seeing the movie’s thriller. Chloe Grace Moretz played the role of Cassie. I haven’t watched the movie yet since I didn’t really like the book, and the movie turned out to have negative reviews. But I might watch it eventually.


Have you read this book already?


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Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

miss peregrines home for peculiar children review


“I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen” – Jacob. (Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.)


It’s like Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland meets X-Men meets American Horror Story! 🙂 yes it’s true. Let me tell you, I freakin’ love this book! It’s nothing like any other book I’ve read before. This book is truly peculiar and weirdly fun to read.I haven’t read this kind of stuff before and it’s really unique. I was already intrigued by its front cover right when I saw it on Barnes & Noble but I just kinda ignored it since I was looking for a more dystopian theme. But the book’s stuck in mind. That black and white cover with a girl levitating made me want to give it a try and I never regret purchasing it.

The book was already released in 2011 and I felt like “why didn’t I see this before?!”


miss peregrines book review


No spoiler here, but let me tell you a little bit about the book. It’s a book filled with some pictures, perhaps around 50, and they help to tell the story. I think this was a brilliant idea because it keeps the book from being boring. The pictures are all in black and white and they’re all weird! some of them are even creepy.

My question is “Where can I enroll for this home for peculiars nowadays?” hahaha, I’m not peculiar at all, perhaps slight, “-) but I would like to develop my peculiar potential, LOL! God, I wish I’m peculiar like those kids in the book. I don’t know what peculiar talent I would like to have, (P.S. I am really amused with Claire) but I kinda like Bronwyn’s 🙂

The movie’s coming out and I cannot wait anymore! they said it’s coming out in September of this year, then changed to December 25th, and lately, they pushed it back this coming September 30th again. Puhhhleeeaaaze, don’t prolong my agony! Btw, Asa Butterfield (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Hugo, Ender’s Game) will play the role of Jacob, while my favorite actress Eva Green (Bond Girl)  will be Miss Peregrine. Tim Burton is directing the film. Oh, my…it’s gonna be great.

Check out the movie’s official Twitter account @PeregrinesMovie or Facebook.com/PeregrinesMovie for the latest news and movie pics.

Stay Peculiar…


You can buy the book here:


Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children : 



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