Fernando Amorsolo “Harvesting Rice” Cross Stitch


Today’s rambling is about the “other” hobby of mine. You probably already know what it is, given the title and the photo. But for the sake of filling this blog with useless never-ending words, ¬†ūüôā lemme give you some clue. This is a hobby for them old sistahs out there, the seniors, I mean. You can call it boring, but this thing¬†needs 10,000 patience, a little bit of plan, and some distraction. This also requires endurance, persistence, and good dexterity. Still, not a lot of people like doing this stuff, although some youngsters enjoy this kind of craft. It can be relaxing or it can be annoying. Meet Cross Stitch!


fernando amorsolo painting


Pretty right? but they took a long time to finish. This cross stitch is from a painter named Fernando Amorsolo. It’s called “Harvesting Rice.” I was looking for a bright and colorful painting in which a cross stitch pattern is also available for stitching. I really like this one because it has a lot of “green” colors, which is very pleasing to the eyes.


fernando amorsolo cross stitch


If you’re thinking “oh that’s so complicated and meticulously done”, I’m saying “you’re darn right!” I’m already practically cross-eyed and has developed 4 eyes in the front and 2 more growing at the back after making this. ha! just kidding, but yeah, the devil is in the details.


fernando amorsolo xstitch


This is what it looked like during the stitching process. The cloth is off-white Aida 14 count, which 11×8 inches. It’s small for sure, yet “small but terrible.”


cross stitch


There were probably around 100+ colors in it, all in full cross stitch, and the pattern is not bad either. Lots of greens and yellows, but I didn’t really consume all the colors at the end, which is ok since I might need those colors for some other projects in the future.

Notice how I put needles in each bobbin, that’s my technique for saving time. I really don’t like threading and rethreading needles while changing floss colors, so I invested in a lot of needles to save time, energy and effort. right? I’m already getting cross-eyed, I don’t wanna have carpal tunnel too. ūüôā


fernando amorsolo harvesting rice cross stitch pattern


It’s one of my most favorite project of all. Reminds me of endless summers and¬†a beautiful, lush, green farm. Something to remind you of those harsh winter days.¬†

Don’t forget to buy an Aida cloth, markers in different colors, and needles, lots of needles. I also recommend that you use DMC Bobbins, the paper/cardboard ones since they’re easy to label. You can buy it here¬†

Also, buy your flosses at your local craft store, since they’re a lot cheaper.

Some of the materials are cheap on Amazon if your local craft store doesn’t have a stock of the accessories¬†you’ll need for your project.

DMC Floss Number Stickers: 

U-Shaped Scissors: 

I don’t like using frames or hoops on my cross stitch, but sometimes I use magnets to hold the pattern in place together with the cloth. You can buy it here¬†

If you really want hoops, because you like your stitch taut. I used to use this 

It’s also a good distraction to listen to music or audiobooks while stitching. So that you can say you’re also “multitasking”, seriously, it’s hard to keep sitting for hours and hours you know…You’re for sure going to have not only “raccoon eyes” but also “raccoon butt” hahaha.

Another good website I can recommend for buying cross stitch stuff is http://www.everythingcrossstitch.com


I have another cross stitch project coming soon, and it’s also colorful and beeeeeyouuuutiful! Hint: lots of pink and it’s a garden. So, stay tuned…




The Girl On The Train. Book Review.

the girl on the train book


This is probably one of the best books I’ve read last year. After Gone Girl, I was desperate to find and read something similar. This book never disappoints. There’s just something about this book that made me read and reread it over and over again. It haunted me like there’s no book ever haunted me before. Well, that’s wrong, apart from V.C. Andrews’ novels, which I never recovered even until now, after reading it for more than a decade ago. Yes, I’m a sucker for stories that cross the line between horror/gothic, romance and thriller.

What haunted me the most of this book is first, I love the way the book is written. It’s written in the first person (perspective) of the three characters. For me, a book written in the first person narrative is the best way to relate¬†to the character’s state of mind, and some of my favorite books are structurally written¬†that way. I also love the fact that there are different characters narrating their story in this book, which means that it’s not just a one-sided story. Tip, you should listen to this in audible.com. It’s a very good experience.

Second, I love the story itself. It’s unique, it’s thrilling and it talks about real life. There are themes of jealous, self-control, self-doubt, trust and the fact that “people are not really who they seem” or that ¬†“looks can be deceiving”.

Lastly, it talks about women and what goes through their minds. Real issues that women faced or are currently facing. Spoiler Alert: I just love how one of the main character was a bit of a voyeur/stalker-ish looking from a train and imagining about her own life. Didn’t we all? at some point in our lives? Now, you might be asking, Is it like Gone Girl? I would say, No, not really. It’s similar in the sense of how the story was written, but I think, it’s the next best thing to Gone Girl. Read it, it won’t disappoint. Oh! I can’t wait for the movie adaptation to come out! and there’s gonna be some high caliber actresses in there, like Emily Blunt. My, my! can’t wait for October 7!

For the meantime, you can buy the audio version in audible.com or you can the book itself here:

The Girl On The Train 


Bringing Home The Birkin. Book Review


michael tonello's bringing home the birkin


Not all of us will ever own an Herm√©s Birkin Bag in our lifetime, much less see it in real life. Personally, from where I live, I’ve only seen two. Yes, two only…and God knows I long to see lots of them, just to gasp at the sight of it, enjoying every thrill of the rush whenever you see these bags in every arm of the glamorous women that carries it. Dayum!


bringing home the birkin book review contents


They said, dreaming is free, and in dreams, you can imagine and do whatever you want. But for now, I’ll settle for the book. It’s not just a book, it’s a memoir, an adventure, an experience, a humor and it’s life itself at its most daring part.


bringing home the birkin book


The book is basically about the adventures of finding, buying, and selling the most coveted yet the most elusive bag in the whole wide universe, the Hermes Birkin Bag. Well, what can I say? I freakin’ love the book! The author, Michael Tonello is brilliant!. He’s kinda like the gay friend you’ve always wanted to have. Fun, fashionable, smart and loyal, think Nolan Ross of Revenge.


bringing home the birkin by michael tonello


The book is really good, addicting, riveting and just hard to put down. Also easy to read and well-written. It’s very funny and very witty, and most of all, it’s based in real life. It’s also quite a bit sad in the end, but you know, all’s well that ends well. It’s nice to read about the lifestyle of the rich and famous and it’s also nice to read about different places, travels, and cultures, but most of all, it’s definitely exciting to read about Herm√©s’ tactics in selling the Birkin Bag. Oh if only I can have one (in my dreams…)


bringing home the birkin book review


The book is available at amazon.com


Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World's Most Coveted Handbag



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