The Ripple Rug Review

If you and your pets are bored and frustrated with playing the same kind of toy everyday to the point that you almost bought them in different color, because your pets are so demanding, so bored and there’s not much that’s new in the cat toy department, well, you are not alone. I too, shared that frustration, specially if your cats are the “easily bored” type.

Every month or every other month, I check out amazon or any other pet store site for toy novelties. Most of the time, I feel like they’re already in my house, collecting dust, because my cats just stare at them. Yeah right… Suddenly, I found something called “The Ripple Rug”. Well, it’s not actually a rug, it’s more like a mat with a lot of holes. It simulates a cat’s natural instinct by hiding and hunting, scratching, sleeping and just plain playing or jumping.


ripple rug


It’s made of two mats, one on top of each other, around 47×35. It has a couple small and large holes for small and large cats to pass through. It reminds me of a cheese, LOL. The bottom mat acts as a base, which is strong and pull-resistant, while the top mat, the one with holes, has velcro on the other side for creating a ripple-effect or tunnel-like structure.

You can choose whatever shape of tunnel you like, you can even fold the mat, or you can cut it or make small holes “large”, specially if you have large cats. You can even put toys in it, put catnip in it, play hide n’ seek with your cats in it. You don’t even have to put a cat in it! A dog, a rabbit, a ferret, a snake, a raccoon, an opossum, or a chupacabra can fit too, LOL.


ripple rug toy


Word of advice: it’s always a good idea to supervise your cats while playing with this mat. Just to make sure that they’re not trapped in its holes. As I said, you can adjust the hole’s diameter, since this thing is huge.

My cats are medium to large size, they’re about 16-18 pounds of fat now, and very very lazy. For some reason, I noticed that they keep coming back to this toy more than their other toys. They didn’t like this at the beginning, I guess because they didn’t know what to do with it. After a while, this toy has proven to be unique and fun to them.

Check out my other British Shorthair cat Dodo. He’s showing you the ways to use The Ripple Rug. Oh! and his brother Bibi joined in too.


the ripple rug
for chilling


ripple rug cat toy
zombie kitty hand ready to scare you
the ripple rug cat mat
as a hiding place
ripple rug cat toy review
for playing toys
ripple rug
for getting stuck
ripple rug review
for “sleepy selfie” ready
the ripple rug cats review
for sleeping
cat toy ripple rug
for booty-showing
Favorite toy ripple rug
even Bibi loves this too


the ripple rug review
as a tent, for brotherly love.


You can purchase this one of a kind shelter/toy here:

The Ripple Rug 



FURminator For Cats Review

This post is all about the one big issue when having a pet. Especially pets with long hairs or thick short hairs that are so annoying to get rid of when they spread all over the sofa, the bed sheets, the floor and your entire house! I sure do share your agony of having to clean, brush or vacuum like crazy just to get rid of them damn sticky hairs. So, instead of getting rid of my constantly shedding pets (that’s cruel), I learned to manage them with some tools that may help reduce some hairs/fur around the house. Take note “reduce” which means that you cannot ever, as in evah! (lol) completely get rid of their hairs. It’s always gonna be there, following you, every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, (I’ll be watching you 🙂 “)

But annoyance no more, because one of the few best deshedding tool out there is FURminator.


furminator review


This thing works, for real, no gimmick here. The tool reminded me of those things they once used to get rid of hair lice, hahaha. Now it works to peel a layer of your pet’s hair to avoid further deshedding. The ones in the picture above are for short-haired cats, size small and large.


large short hair furminator
large size furminator for short-haired cats


small furminator
small size furminator for short-haired cats


This tool is more on the heavy side, but not sharp at all. Still, you need to be careful when brushing your pets. Don’t let them bite the rubber handle (which they’ll like) and don’t let them bite the metallic part too. The ones for the long-haired breeds has longer metallic teeth which can go deeper into their hairs/fur.


furminator deshedding review

Just one stroke. Your pet may not feel comfortable at it first, but it won’t hurt.


furminator review

See the hairs? that’s after 1 stroke. You can probably do 1-3 strokes/brushing in the same area of your pet’s body but don’t overdo it. I recommend brushing with this once a week or twice if needed. I probably took a handful of clumped fur from my pet.


Cat furminator review
Bibi Approved


Meet Bibi, my gorgeous, cute and beautiful blue British Shorthair boy. He sheds a lot but likes his FURminator a lot too. Try it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

You can buy the tools here:

FURminator large for short-haired cats 

FURminator small for short-haired cats 



Cat Supplies. Amazon Haul.

Amazon is probably one of the best online stores to buy cat or pet supplies. Not only are the prices cheaper than most major pet supplies store, but they also ship fast, especially if you are a prime member.

I recently restocked some supplies for my cats and I’d like to share what I got in this review and haul. The stuff I got are guaranteed to make you and your kittycats or other pets happy.


cat supplies



1. Furry Friends Scallop Ceramic Treat Jar:


furry friends treat jar review



About 7 inches tall, this is a ceramic, dishwasher safe treats jar that’s small, easy to carry, cute and a very good decoration to any house. It has a rubber sealant ring inside the lid that keeps treats fresh.


2. C.E.T Toothpaste, Beef Flavor:


cet enzymatic toothpaste


This is an enzymatic tartar control toothpaste, designed for cats and dogs who are rapid plaque formers. According to C.E.T., this toothpaste contains a strengthened enzyme system, that’s more abrasive than regular toothpaste. So it is better and effective at removing dental issues of your pets. It also takes away bad mouth odors, and no foaming agents, which makes it safer for pets to swallow. Even professionals recommend it. I suggest brushing your pet regularly with this, to avoid dental problems and maintain oral health. It seems to have a good flavor too since pets seem to love the taste. This toothpaste comes in different flavors.


3. C.E.T Pet Toothbrush:


cet toothbrush




C.E.T’s toothpastes are good and they help to maintain your pets good oral health. They are easy to use and to clean. The bristles are not extremely soft and not too firm either. It has a medium firmness.

The green long toothbrush shown here is C.E.T’s double-ended toothbrush, in which one end is smaller and the other is bigger. They are tapered to your pet’s mouth form and size. I suggest, if you have a bigger pet, use this one.

The blue toothbrush, the one-ended, is made for smaller pets. It’s so easy to manage on your pet’s mouth, and it brushes their teeth well.


4. Go Cat Cat Catcher, Teaser Wand with Mouse Cat Toy:


go cat cat catcher teaser wand review


This by far the best cat toy for any cats or a cure to any lazy, bored cats out there. There’s just something about the way this teaser wand moves, it seems to simulate a mouse’s movements. Cats love it a lot, they even go crazy with it. They can play with it for weeks without getting bored and they play non-stop. It is probably the best cat toy ever, and it’s very cheap. Just be careful with the metal/hook/pin that attaches the wand to the mouse. There are reports that it can chip a cat’s tooth. If you can replace it with a thread or anything safe, then it’s better. As with any pet toys, always supervise your pet during playtime.


Have you hauled anything for your furbabies lately?


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