Litter-Lifter Versus Other Litter Scoops

litter lifter cat litter scoop versus other litter scoops


Dear Litter Lifter, where have you been all my life and all this time? If there is any cat litter scoop I could recommend, Litter-Lifter is hands down the one. This product is heaven sent! It will save your wrist, your back, your time and your patience.


litter lifter cat litter scoop



Don’t believe me? Let’s see….

This product is created with what can I say? A good engineering in mind. I’m amazed at the scoop’s triangle-shaped tines or blades, no flat surface whatsoever and narrow slots equidistant to each other, which makes sifting lot easier, faster and cleaner. It can even trap the smallest of waste and leave the clean litter behind with just one pass. This design extends through this entire wide and long scoop that can sift through a huge litter box in just a few seconds. The edge is also quite sharp enough to scoop through hardened waste and those tiny waste in the litterbox corners. In other words, clean litter separates fast and easy, leaving pet waste filtered in just a matter of seconds. Something that most scoops don’t do.


litter lifter triangular blades



litter lifter cat litter scoop serrated edges



Most scoops?


Scoop # 1: Petmate Curvation Series Jumbo


petmate cat litter scoop

Clogged, clean litter cannot go through, need to shake the scoop.


Scoop # 2: New Age Pet Scoopy:


new age pet scoopy litter scoop

Slots are too big, too wide, making tiny waste impossible to catch.


Scoop # 3: Pet Cat Litter Scoop (Grocery Store Brand)


pet cat litter scoop reviewClogged, full of weird shapes of slots. Need to shake the scoop and some tiny particles were left behind.


Scoop # 4: Toilet Shovel Cat Litter Scoop (another grocery store brand) 


toilet shovel cat litter scoop

Super-clogged, very tiny scoop, needs a lot of shaking. Just doesn’t work.


Scoop #5: LitterMaid


littermaid cat litter scoop review

Probably the most comparable to Litter Lifter, yet not quite as good. Clean litter passes through but slow and not long or wide enough compared to the Litter-Lifter.


Scoop # 6: Litter Lifter:


litter lifter cat litter scoop review
Oh, what a difference! one pass, all the waste were sifted through, clean litter fell through easily and by 2 or 3 passes, you’re done. You won’t even remember that you scooped that day!


VERDICT: Say goodbye to the wrist or scoop shaking, backbreaking and dust-flying scooping. The Litter-Lifter is ergonomic, easy to use, sturdy (made of a strong, heavy, durable plastic that almost feels like steel), time-saving, easy to clean and affordable. I highly recommend this product.


It can even fit in a New Age Pet Scoopy Cat Litter Scoop Holder.


new age pet scoopy cat litter scoop holder with litter lifter
Note: Litter used in this review is from World’s Best Cat Litter, and New Age Pet Scoopy Cat Litter Scoop Holder is available at


litter lifter litter scoop review


Litter-Lifter is available at all major pet stores and online at and



Feline Greenies Pill Pockets. A Fave Among Finicky Cats.

Ever tired of giving your cats the same crunchy, biscuit-like treats every day? I’m sure they do. Well, if you think that Feline Greenies Pill Pockets are just good for giving medications to cats, think again.


feline greenies pill pockets treats


This is a very tasty and healthy treat for our feline friends. Sure they have built-in hole or pockets to hide the pills inside, which this treat was basically made for, but they can also serve as a nice, little, cute-looking treat for cats that turns up their noses to most cat food or cat treats. It’s like an alternative to good ol’ traditional pet treats.

I personally love the way this pill pocket looks like. It’s like an edible bead that looks too good to be true. Yet indeed it is very healthy with fewer calories, less fat, less sodium and vet recommended. You don’t even need to put a pill inside, just give it as a treat.


feline greenies pill pockets texture



Most cats usually swallow this thing in an instant, you won’t even see it coming! while some kinda act like they’re not sure what to do about it at the beginning, but in the end, they’re all gonna be “finger-lickin’ good” delighted with this thing.


feline greenies pill pockets different flavors



Remember, give treats in moderation and observe for any untoward reactions during the first few days of servings. Pill Pockets are available in different flavors and each formulation is different for cats and dogs.


feline greenies pill pockets zoom in



These treats are available at all major pet stores everywhere, including online pet stores and at

Royal Canin Intense Beauty Canned Cat Food




Healthier than Fancy Feast, but not healthier than Wellness Core. That’s probably the right way to describe the ranking of this cat food. Royal Canin is more like a prescription-type of cat food. Most veterinarians prescribed them because of being healthy and can be tasty. Those grain-free, pure protein cat food can sometimes taste a little too boring.




This particular cat food is probably the safest you can give to your cat. They’ll love it immediately, and it probably tastes very good, and very healthy. It still has by-product meal, but this issue has been very confusing and controversial. So far, my cats had been fine and they love this food a lot. It’s supposed to make their coat and skin shiny and healthy. The smell is not bad, it smells like their dry food version, and the texture is in thin slices. It says that it has gravy but it looks more like marinated, definitely a lot less gravy sauce compared to the popular Fancy Feast Gravy wet cat food. But, the cats don’t seem to mind.

VERDICT: Buy it while supplies last and still cheap on Amazon. I did notice that Amazon is quite tricky about the price of this cat food. Last month, it was down to $25 for 24 cans of 3 ounces (fancy feast size), and since buying that pack, it’s now up to $33.99 (original price/manufacturer price $35.76). Maybe it’s the increasing good reviews, which makes people buy this product even more, and that’s why Amazon keeps jacking up the price. Another cheaper alternative to this specific cat food would be the Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive. It’s cheaper and very similar in texture, appearance and smell, but prices could also go up anytime soon.



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