With the hype of “grain-free” feeding to cats, comes the most talked about product line of Wellness, specifically Wellness Core for cats.  It’s supposed to be the healthiest cat food you can ever feed to your cat. And we all know that cats are obligate carnivores. In other words, they only eat meat. Think tigers hunting in the jungle. Do they eat or hunt veggies? No.

The Wellness Core for cats line actually has all sorts of wet and dry cat food, specifically designed for kittens and cats.



For $34.80 at amazon.com for 24 cans at 5.5 ounces, you get a lot of wet kitten food. They’re really wide cans, about twice the size of fancy feast.

Is it healthy enough or not? the answer is yes, very much. It is the best among the best. Grain-free, pure protein, complete and balanced nutrition for cats. Be careful in feeding pure protein at the beginning. It could upset the kitten’s stomach or even older cats. They could have diarrhea. Give only a little bit at the beginning, then gradually increase. Observe your cats poo while feeding on this, just to be sure.

The smell of this is quite fishy, even if the label mentioned some chicken. The texture is pate and very soft. One can goes a long way.

VERDICT: Given the good reviews on Amazon, it is worth to buy it. I noticed a shiny coat on my kittens, more energy and looks more healthy. Buy it while prices on Amazon dropped.