celine bracelet review


Trick or Treat! Hoppy Hollowoon! This All Saint’s Day review is about the minimalist Knot Bracelet from Celine. Yep, the Celine Knot Extra Thin Bracelet that’s been so popular for a few years now. What I love about this bracelet is that it’s so easy to wear and it complements thick or short arms. For reference, my bracelet that’s starring on this review is silver brass and it’s a medium size. My wrist is 6 inches sharp in circumference and this medium-sized Celine Knot Bracelet is 6.5 inches. The width is extra thin.

I’ve seen this bracelet before. It’s so popular in instagram but I didn’t really fell so much in love with it at the beginning. I thought it looked so simple, but it did look unique and I knew that it’s the right arm candy for my “hobbit” arms. 🙂 Yet, I still couldn’t bring myself to like it. However, I did make the decision to see this up close and personal to try it for myself. I liked the look of the gold brass, but silver brass is the color of choice for my brownie skin. 


celine silver knot bracelet


I didn’t have a Celine store in my local area, so off to Celine NYC at Madison Avenue to try my luck of finding one. Indeed, they have stocks and the S.A.s were kind and helpful enough to let me try different sizes and colors. True to it, silver looked best on my skin tone but when I first tried the small size, it felt like it was constricting my veins even though the bracelet is more of a bangle-type than a normal or typical bracelet. It was kinda hard to slide the bracelet’s opening into my wrist, and the S.A said that they need to be snug specially around the wrist so that it won’t fall off. The thing is, I wanted it to be on my forearm, but obviously I can’t due to the bracelet’s design. Next, I tried large, and it was indeed very easy to put on the bracelet but I was scared that it might be too loose. Finally, I tried the medium and it still kinda felt snug that I thought they might have given me a size small still, but nope, it’s really in medium size. It just gave me enough wiggle room to put it on and for it to stay on my wrist, and looking at the bracelet, I thought it looked plain, still.


celine knot bracelet silver


But, I believe in my instinct that it may be hard to see the beauty of this bracelet at first, but this will be a practical, edgy and stylish staple in the long run. The kind that you always wanna wear because it blends with anything. Like your favorite black dress, or your overused pajama, LOL. So the Celine Knot Extra Thin Bracelet in Silver Brass Medium went home with me.


celine knot bracelet extra thin


Guess what, I am now super in love with this bracelet. Wearing this is such a delight and it looks really good on my arm. There is indeed beauty in simplicity. Thank God I bought it. 

Just remember that if you have a 6 inch arm circumference, the medium size will work well, because it’s around 6.5 inches. The small ones might be around 6 inch, but I’m not really sure about the large ones. They also come in thicker widths and in different colors like gold, rose gold and silver, plus some other metallic colors. Take note that the bracelet is not adjustable but it will stay put once it’s on your arm, that’s if you find the right size🙂

What d’ya think about this Celine Knot Bracelet? 

Anyhoo readers, that’s it for now, stay tune…

Happy Halloween!


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