This review is all about the bag who started it all, not to mention the brand. The bag whose interesting size is still coveted even after a few years since its release. The bag who has a good wear and tear with its unique shape and interesting combination of colors. Yes, I am talking about the Celine Nano Luggage.


celine nano luggage
Celine Nano Luggage Handbag in Indigo Elephant Calfskin


This is the bag who introduced us to the saga of the mini bags. Actually, Celine (the brand) changed the way bag sizes are named, from phantom to micro to nano, these words were just words I used to hear only in chemistry/physics or drama class when I wasn’t busy sleeping or daydreaming. ūüôā Such words, gave way to other brands naming theirs like Nano Sac de Jour, Fendi Micro etc.


celine nano review


This robot-looking bag (around 8Hx8WX4D in dimension with an unadjustable strap of 44 inches) is a very practical mini bag. Its nano size belies the number of things you can put inside. Junks and all.


celine bag


Of all the minis and the nanos out there, this, by far is my most carried, most subtle, goes with everything kind of bag. It has a zip top which can secure your things inside and the strap can be worn on the shoulder or as a crossbody.


celine nano luggage handbag


It has a small front pocket, which is cute, perhaps it can fit some credit cards on it, but I never really put anything in there. The bag has a bigger room compared to most nanos and is ideal for traveling, just try not to bump it somewhere. It also has a wider pocket inside, perhaps for documents, and the bag has a leather lining.


celine nano back tab


The bag also has a leather tab at the back for holding sunglasses. Aside from its trapeze shape, it comes in different colors and different types of leather.




What fits in a Celine Nano bag?


A lot! You can put your refrigerator in there, you can put your lawn mower in there, your microwave, your snowblower, your humidifier, yourself! joke!

Honestly, you can put quite a lot. Take note though, that you cannot put both your eyeglasses and sunglasses in their respective cases together in this bag. Unless your sunglasses’ case is on the thinner side, like Rayban’s, then you’re probably fine, but if you have those bulky cases like Tiffany’s, Prada’s or other high-end designer cases, then you might get away by just removing your eyeglass and sunglasses out of their cases. Or else, your bag is gonna look very stuffed. There will be no wiggle room.


celine blue nano


  1. Lychee Pattern 2 Compartment Coin Change Purse Wallet Pouch Case – It’s about 4×2 inches which can fit your coins or even some candies. When you’re into nano bags, you better start investing in some nano pouches too. This can be bought here¬†
  2. Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse Monogram Vernis Leather, in Pomme d’amour – This is like my mini wallet whenever I use one of my nano bags. I really really love this because it can fit a lot of cards given its tiny size.
  3. Drugstore Facial Tissue pack –¬†You will always need this.
  4. Gucci Audacious Lipstick – Because I’m a “lips” person
  5. Chanel Les 4 Ombres, Multi-Effect Quadra – You’ll never know when you have¬†to “eyefuck” someone. hahaha
  6. Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder Monogram Vernis Leather in Indian Rose – Really helpful for organizing your keys and loyalty cards. Love the pink pop of color. As you can tell, I’m an LV Vernis fan.
  7. iPhone 6 Plus – Can’t live without it. The case cover is from Sonix, can be bought here¬†
  8. Key Coin Wallet Business Credit Card Case Holder – It’s a cute, Korean-made, versatile key ring/credit card or coin purse. It’s durable and lightweight and can hold some cards. You can buy it here¬†

You can still put more stuff than the ones that I have here. However, I tend to be a minimalist on the things that I carry, especially with a nano bag, since I like to dig my hands in there. I don’t like to crowd my purse. Wiggle room, indeed.



How is this bag compared to other Nano bags out there?

Honestly, I think this is better. I also own a YSL Nano Sac De Jour, and this can hold more stuff and can be¬†closed with a zipper. The YSL Nano SDJ is a pretty bag but has no closure at the top. It’s also smaller and slightly heavier. Also, in my experience, the smooth leather is more sensitive than the Celine nano.

Compared to Gucci Soho Disco bag, this still can hold more space.


What do you like about this bag?

  • Has more space compared to most Nanos, the trapeze shape makes it roomier.
  • the TRIcolors
  • Sturdy Leather
  • Leather lining
  • Cute
  • Discreet
  • Goes with any outfit
  • Has zipper closure for contents’ safety
  • Good wear and tear
  • Practical


What are the Turn Offs?

  • The strap might be too long for petite girls. I’m short too, but honestly? the strap doesn’t bother me much.
  • Pockets can be too small, not much can fit in there
  • Can’t have it¬†hooked on¬†your arms, handles are too short.
  • Costs an arm and a leg, and another leg plus another arm, plus two ears ūüôā


With more TURN-ONS than TURN OFFS, no wonder this bag is standing through the test of fast fading fashion, with more people still carrying it and loving it. It’s a true testament that this bag is here to stay.


what fit in a celine nano