chanel espadrille review


It’s officially summer! what better way to spend your summer out in the sun and enjoying the views with a comfy pair of espadrilles. What used to be a peasant shoe is now rocking the trendy fashion world. A lot of us love espadrilles, and they all come in different styles and colors. Lately, Chanel Espadrilles are rocking the fashion scenes and has been coveted for some time now. They are all over instagram, magazines, pinterest, etc. etc.. I happen to own one, and what do I think of mine?…read along… 🙂


I love espadrilles, specially the wrap-around ones, but they mostly come in wedges or heels. I also like Toms, they’re comfy, but the problem is, they don’t last on me. Until around one year and a half ago, a social climber relative (wink, wink, it’s true:-) ) told me that Chanel started making expensive espadrilles that resembles like Toms with the sole of an espadrille to the tune of $2K. I was shocked. Never believed her anyway. She was wrong, it wasn’t 2K, it’s around $700+. Still, I thought “it’s not worth the money.” After all, it’s just an espadrille.


Fast forward, a few months later. The image of Chanel espadrille online still haunted me. I imagined wearing it in the entire summer, looking fab and comfy. Something to update or upgrade my summer wardrobe that’s not too informal but looks put together. It took me some convincing to give it a try. I had my eyes set on the white/cream crackled leather and black cap toe. When I finally called my local Nordstrom, they didn’t have it in stock. The rest just kinda snowballed from then on. I called almost all the major high end stores and all Chanel boutiques in the US. NO STOCK. GRRRH… It was a very exhausting and frustrating experience. 🙁 


The worst part of being in the waiting list is, waiting. Of course. I knew I couldn’t wait that long, and who knows if they’ll ever have the stock or style that I like. The solution is Ebay. So there it was, my first and preferred Chanel espadrille style from a wonderful Ebay seller. The price was right too. Bless her heart. 🙂 Anyways, right when I saw the shoes, I thought, “what a pretty and cute espadrille!”


These shoes are sleek and cute. It looks very comfy, and I didn’t need to break it in. Indeed, it has the comfy of Toms and the laid-back beauty of a wrap around espadrille. They’re on the heavy side, I guess because of the jute sole. I love the crackled leather, I think it’s very unique and stylish. The black cap toe makes it classic as well. I think they’re true to size. I’m a true size 7, and I bought mine in size 7 as well, and they fit perfectly. Since then, I’ve been wearing them a lot, come rain or shine. It still looks clean and new. The leather is soft and buttery, and after wearing them for some time, they kinda stretched and conformed to my feet. Which is really nice, because my feet also tend to expand throughout the day (most of us do) yet it still managed to fit well.


Overall, If I’d have more goodies, I would definitely buy another pair of this shoes. They’re comfortable without sacrificing style and trend. For the look and feel of this shoes, I would definitely recommend it, but for the price, well, it’ll all depend on you. You can also see some alternatives here and here.


Happy Summer!