chanel le vernis 530 rouge radical nail gloss


Hello Universe! I’m so excited to review this unique and very interesting nail polish or nail gloss that I got at the Chanel beauty counter a few weeks ago. It’s called Chanel Le Vernis 530 Rouge Radical Nail Gloss. A semi-transparent red-orange nail polish. As you all know, Chanel’s going RED lately, from Red lipsticks, Red Nail Polishes, to Red Eyeshadows. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but hey! it’s Valentines Day at Chanel and I would really love to try one of their Red lippies, hopefully soon.

Back to the Chanel Rouge Radical Nail Gloss, I was so intrigued by its appearance that at the beginning, I thought, “Hey, Is that Merthiolate?” LMFAO! If you don’t know what a Merthiolate is, well, it’s the brand name for Thiomersal, a mercury-containing compound that was once used as an antiseptic and antifungal in the past. Yeah, I am definitely familiar with Merthiolate Tinctures, that’s how old I am. Nowadays, it’s no longer being used due to some potential side-effects, but in the past, this was also used as part of the nail cleaning/preparation prior to applying nail polish due to its antiseptic effect plus it leaves a pinkish/reddish tinge on the skin. The color of the formula itself resembles exactly like the Chanel Rouge Radical Nail Gloss, but way more watery in consistency.

Anyways, enough about Merthiolates, at first, I wasn’t exactly sure how to use this Chanel Rouge Radical Nail Gloss. Is it a nail polish? a top coat? a Merthiolate (again?) or both? The lady at the Chanel beauty counter said that I should put it on top of my favorite Chanel Red Nail Polish, or in fact, any nail polish brand of any color, because the goal is to make everything Red. Hmmm, kinda like a top coat huh, we’ll see.

Well, first I used this Chanel Rouge Radical Nail Gloss on top of my old Chanel Le Vernis (shade: Ecorce Sanguine) you know, the ones before the reformulated Gel Le Vernis. Much to my surprise, it didn’t work very well. It took about 1 hour or more for my nails to be quite dry and I really need to scratch my back, LOL, oh well. Next, I tried the Chanel Rouge Radical with the newly reformulated Chanel Le Vernis (shade: Pirate) and they both seem to be compatible with each other, but drying time is just about 5-10 minutes less than the first experiment. So, I decided to not use this nail gloss as a top coat but as a stand-alone nail polish this time, without any top coat.


chanel 530 rouge radical nail gloss review


Seems to have worked very well, as my nails dried in about 35 to 40 minutes, sans any top coat. Still, for me, it’s a long long time to wait for my nails to dry. But the good news is, I get a really good whole week of wear with this Chanel Rouge Radical Nail Gloss with minimal chipping. Also, I really like its semi-opaque shade, it’s very interesting. It has a red-orange tone that is quite ideal for someone with light to medium skin tone. But dark skin tones won’t have a problem pulling this off as well.


chanel red limited edition rouge radical nail polish


Overall, I really like this shade, it’s great for summer and even for this fall. So pretty and unique. If you like this shade, it’s still available HERE. Hurry and buy it now, it’s a limited edition.


Thanks for reading, Happy FriYAY!


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