Why Hello There Friends! How’s the world today? I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. Cheers! Taken from my personal collection of Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadows, we will take a look at its swatches, photos and my own personal thoughts on these eyeshadows. 


chanel les 4 ombres eyeshadow



These quadras or 4 shades compact eyeshadows has two medium tones (both situated on the left) to color and contour, a deep shade on the lower right to intensify, and light shade on the upper right to highlight. The packaging itself comes with a carrying pouch and a how-to instruction. 

A little history here, when I was in high school, probably about 120 years ago, LOL, 🙂  my aunt gave me a mini Chanel eyeshadow or was probably a sample. 🙂 It was a gorgeous shimmery shade of gray (Hello Mr. Grey…, no not like that!)  that I used a lot to roam around town, with occasion or without occasion and I got lots of compliments about how sparkly the eyeshadow looked. That was my first Chanel eyeshadow, and my most favorite of all. Fast forward, another hundred years later, LOL 🙂 I tried so hard to find that same Chanel eyeshadow, but unfortunately, I felt like the formula nowadays are never the same. Still I tried the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra and I thought that these are the “next best thing.” Some say that its formulation had changed, and that now, it’s already “baked.” But I wouldn’t really mind a “baked face,” wouldn’tcha? (Perhaps caked-face not, but aren’t they the same?) These eyeshadows’ formulation and creaminess resembled slightly the ghost of my previous Chanel eyeshadow’s past. Thus my reason for hoarding a few of them :-).



chanel les 4 ombres tisse camelia tisse venitien


Tisse Camelia – This is a pretty neutral quad that’s composed of frosted white, light metal brown, a dark plum brown, and a cute shade of light pink. It is definitely good for a day look since majority of its shades are on the bright neutral side.

Tisse Venitien – Whenever I see this quad, I usually think of Ariel. You know “under the sea, under the sea, darlin’ it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me.” LOL. Because of its majority “green sea” shade and a greenish metallic gray medium tone, this shade is very much mermaid-like. It’s a pretty poseidon-wannabe shade that is extremely pigmented and will really allure any green lovers out there.


chanel les 4 ombres tisse rivoli and tisse cambon


Tisse Cambon – I love this pretty in pink and purple shade. Probably the one with the darkest shade of pink in all the Les 4 Ombres, this shade spells Spring and Summer. As someone with an NC30-35 skin tone, I was a bit wary before I decided to take this home because you know, wearing pink or purple eyeshadows on a medium toned skin can make you look bruised or having some sort of hematoma. But this was not the case. The only thing that I was bit disappointed is that the light purple and white shades are too glittery. 

Tisse Rivoli – Another favorite of mine. If you want a true good brown with earthy matte shades for a medium skin tone, this is the one that will work for you, as it works for me. This shade is simply beautiful. It is neutral enough for a daywear, but can be blended for a night wear. Most shades here ranges from light creamy neutral to a matte and shimmery light to medium brown, then to a deep dark brown. Love this a lot.



chanel les 4 ombres in tisse mademoiselle and tisse vendome


Tisse Vendome – One of my favorite shades here. A mix of earthy neutral shades and a muted coral shade that is very pigmented and not extremely glittery. I love how they complemented my skin tone for a neutra dayl look and I love how they’re more on the matte side and are very blendable.

Tisse Mademoiselle – This was a surprise dislike for me. 🙁 I thought I would love this as the perfect neutral eyeshadow for my skin. But I found that the browns here are too light and too similar to each other that they almost don’t really show much on my skin. I still love it for a normal day to day light makeup look, but I found that this is quite similar to Tisse Rivoli, except that this would probably work on a light skin tone.



chanel les 4 ombres tisse paris


Tisse Paris – A surprise favorite. This reminds of  Tisse Vendome, only that it’s more muted in shades, like having two muted coral tones. It also has a dark metallic green for its deep shade instead of the matte charcoal black in Tisse Vendome. This is an interesting contrast of muted corals and a shimmery gunmetal green. Very wearable and very different at the same time. 


My likes : Tisse Vendome, Tisse Rivoli, Tisse Paris, Tisse Camelia.


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