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Aloha Bruha! It’s Friday! Yey! We all love weekends, don’t we? ūüôā But before this week “ends”, let me leave you with a review of my tiny collection of Christian Louboutin Shoes. I don’t have a lot, not like you guys, hmmm…, but I’m gonna do my best to review this enchanting red sole shoes. You know what they say, there’s just something about a woman in Louboutin heels. Them loubies can turn heads and spark curiosities for sure. Plus the confidence level a person wearing it is just mesmerizing.¬†

I, for one, is a fan of these gorgeous and popular high heels. I love the way they look, their perfect classic-cut and well-shaped heels plus those signature red shiny soles can take onlookers’ breath away, not to mention how beautiful¬†they make your feet and legs look while wearing¬†them. No wonder they’re every fashionista’s bestfriend. But, just how comfortable these shoes are exactly? what’s the difference between the famous Pigalle and ¬†the newer Pigalle Follies? How high are the heels? How long can¬†you walk with them? Are they worth it?

christian louboutin pigalle decollete pigalle follies review


As you can see from the pictures above, the main difference between the famous Pigalle and Pigalle Follies are the thinness of their heels. The Pigalle was one of the first heel created by Monsieur Louboutin and it has the perfect shape, look and balance. Its heel is more classic and is quite on the thicker side compared to the later upgrade the Pigalle Follies (worn by Scarlett Johansson in Lucy) which has the slim stiletto heels. Their toeboxes are still all the same but when it comes to comfort, well, I find that the Pigalle is much more stable to wear because of its thicker heel. Also, as you can see in the picture above, my Pigalle Follies are in 100 mm (that’s about 3.9 inches) and that’s something to consider about when it comes to comfort. In addition to, both shoes have a nice comfortable toebox that’s slightly wider than the D√©collet√©.

Speaking of my other Louboutin heels, the D√©collet√©, it’s also comfy and one of my most worn loubies, although I find that it’s still not as stable as my Pigalle when it comes to walking in cobblestones. It also has a narrower and longer toebox compared to my Pigalles.¬†


christian louboutin heels pigalle pigalle follies decollete comparison review


Now, when it comes to comfort, I believe the 85 mms (3.3 inches) regardless of style will be of course,¬†much more comfortable for daily or longer walks than a 100 mm (3.9 inches) ¬†but when it comes to how long you can walk with these, it’ll all depends on your experience with high heels, the surface you’re walking, and how far you’ll need to walk. In general, cobblestones are hard to walk on, and a flat, smooth, surface is much easier to maneuver. In most of my walks with these, I can definitely say that you will somehow need to find a place to sit somewhere after 15 to 20 minutes of walking, and that’s coming from a moderate heel-walker like me. So I’m in no expert to say how long an experienced or non-experienced high heel walker can walk¬†with these. I definitely recommend to break them in (perhaps with a thin socks) and give them¬†a try.

With my tiny collections here, my personal favorite is the original Pigalle. I really love its look and I think it’s the perfect model of how a high heel shoe should be. I also love that it has a more stable heel, though sacrificing¬†the sexy-look¬†of the stilettos in Pigalle Follies, and I also love how comfortable the toebox is and the height is just perfect for a more casual-business look.¬†

Overall, I think these heels are beautiful and can be comfortable depending on your experience and tolerance with high heels in general. They’re worth it if they serve you well in your lifestyle. But if you’re the “flats kind of person,” might as well keep a few with a lower heel height for those formal occasions or fabulous fancy dinners, and remember the right way to walk in heels: HEEL TO TOE, HEEL TO TOE, HEEL TO TOE. Sway those hips, don’t be a robot. LOL ūüôā


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christain louboutin red soles high heels review