clinique long last lipstick review


Hey All! It’s moi. It’s time for another lipstick review and this time, it starts with a letter C. Got these a few months ago and I’m happy to introduce you these Long Last Lipsticks from Clinique. They’ve been out for a while, and they’re this cutely-packaged lipsticks in fancy silver tubes and is meant to be long wearing, non-feathering, and non-drying.

From my first impression,  I could tell that these lipsticks are definitely hydrating and the colors are wearable. Also, I noticed that they’re glittery. Not exactly my cup of tea, because y’all know that I have a thing for velvet to matte textured lipsticks sans the shimmer. But still, I gave these a try and my experience has not been really disappointing.


clinique long last lipstick in i do honeymoon wedding lipstick

  • Honeymoon:  A very shimmery nude. It’s extremely wearable for any skin tone. It has a peachy undertone but it almost won’t show on your skin, specially if you have a medium tone. All it shows are the shimmers. It’s indeed shiny shimmering splendid.
  • I do!: A shimmering pink-fuchsia shade. It’s also a wearable shade of pink that has sparkles but not as much as Honeymoon. If you like a sparkly pink lipstick, this would be a great option.


clinique long last lipstick swatches

The big plus of these Clinique Long Last Lipsticks are the fact that they don’t have any annoying scents, they neither feather nor dry-out, they are easy to apply and are indeed moisturizing. However, I realize that they don’t really last long. They also tend to transfer and you may need to reapply these regularly. Still, they’re a great affordable lipstick for those who wants a shimmery and hydrating lipstick at the same time.


clinique long last lipstick swatches


What d’ya think? Lurve it? They’re available HERE.


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