cold stone midnight delight ice cream cake


The cold days are almost over and let’s skip spring for summer! Who wants an ice cream? don’t we all? I don’t know about you, but from where I am, most people are already walking around with little cups in their hands, filled with all sorts of yummy-looking treats. I myself, likes a fusion. I do like ice cream a lot! but sometimes you just wanna mix it in or become curious.

My favorite hangout place when the weather gets warmer is of course, my local Cold Stone Creamery. Ever since my local Baskin Robbins got hijacked, we were left with only one commercial ice cream maker for now. Cold Stone has a lot of delicious flavorings and combinations. They’re really good at inventing new combos that almost all of them taste good.

When I’m bored with their ice creams, I then move on to their ice cream cakes, which are amazing. I have probably tasted some and pre-ordered some custom-made ice cream cakes, but when I don’t have to pre-order, I usually just grab Cold Stone’s Midnight Delight Ice Cream Cakes. It never disappoints. If you’re a chocolate lover, this one’s really good.

Loaded with lots of chocolate ice cream, fudge, moist devil’s food cake, and surrounded with more chocolate shavings and rich fudge ganache. This ice cream cake is so hard to resist. Yum! You’ll never get bored with this. The only slight drawback is that the dark chocolate icing surrounding the entire cake can be too sweet. But the rest of it is all perfection.


Have you tried this particular flavor before? You really should.