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Hallo! During my last “Pet Stuff” post, somebody was having fun with his new toy. Now, somebody’s acting like a scaredy cat. Well, he’s always been like that, and I think it’s genetic. Some cats are born to be a mojito cat. You know the kind, according to Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy, mojito cats are the typeย that serves you a mojito the moment you open that door. The kind that greats you all the time, the friendly and daring kind. Whilst some cats are exactly the opposite. The scaredy cats, the stressed-out ones in the world, the anxious, cautious and fearful ones. They are the kind of cats who hide at the slightest noise and they can be difficult to manage, as some may resort to markings, destructions and aggressions.

Well, guess who’s the scaredy cat? Is it Dodo or Bibi?…..guess…nope…it’s not Dodo. He is the mojito cat in the family. And yes, the scaredy cat is the very cute Bibi. Ever since he was a kitten, he’s always been the nervous wreck. You can’t tell by the look on that pudgy face, but he gets scared very easily, specially when there’s strangers in the house, or when someone is talking loudly. Even a slight noise or worse, the dreaded visit to the vet. It’s a struggle to get him to see the vet, he doesn’t like being in the crate or in the car. He screams and pants like crazy. Though he tries to be patient during examinations but eventually he’ll hiss and hide if it’s too much. He’s not an aggressive mean cat, in fact, he’s very affectionate but he only chooses the people that he likes. Darn loyal kitty!

We’ve tried stroking him, giving reassurances in a calming voice, giving him his favorite toys during each Veterinarian visit, minimize noise as much as possible, snacks, treats, foods, etc… didn’t work. So I went and ordered these Feliway/Comfort Zone (they’re essentially the same, Feliway is the original name) in Amazon. It’s a plug-in diffuser made out of the concept of Pheromonatherapy. It’s basically a synthetic friendly pheromone taken from a cotton swab ofย cat’s cheeks to help scaredy cats cope in anxiety-inducing situations or in any behavioral problems like fighting and marking. Just plug this in an electrical outlet and you won’t even sense anything. Don’t cover it or place it behind the door. You need to place it in an area where your cat usually hangs around. This will cover an area of 50-70 sqm and will last for about a month. Also, it’s affordable, you can buy it here.


cat feliway diffuser review


Bibi has never been the aggressive type, he just doesn’t like being in unfamiliar waters, but since he’s the anxious type, he’s definitely responded to Feliway. I noticed that he’s not as nervous as before and he tends to calm down easily. Also, going to the vet is not that hard anymore, just rub a bit of this diffuser on his blanket and he calms down a bit. Of course, he’s not gonna be totally anxious-free but at least it helps. It’s not a dangerous, addicting or toxic drug, so it’s completely safe for your pets. It’s alsoย not a cure, but a way to cope in tense situations. As of now, I almost don’t need it as my catย is slowly getting used to strangers and didn’t exhibit that much signs and symptoms of anxiety. Bibi is becoming a happy cat because of brother Dodo and thanks to Comfort Zone/Feliway.


If you also have a scaredy cat, try Feliway/Comfort Zone here.


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