dior eyeshadow review


Ey everyone! Oh no! Just another manic monday, wish it were Sunday… anyways, how’s your weekend? me? I went to watch Jason Bourne, yeah right…:-) I’m not a huge Matt Damon fan, but I’m a “Bourne”¬†fan. Did I like the movie? Ah dunno… seems like Jason Bourne had a midlife crisis, and the extreme camera shakiness was giving me a headache. Seriously, the movie needs a tripod. ūüôā Anyhow, today, I’d like to share with you my tiny collection of Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow. These eyeshadow are fun to have because you won’t only get 3 or 4 colors, you’ll get 5, and that’s a lot of mix and matching galore. The possibilities are plenty for sure. Also, I love the formula as I never experienced any untoward reactions with these, specially during humid days. There’s also enough combo of shades to choose from, though a lot of them are full of shimmer. But what I like best about these are the ease of gliding them to the eyelids. Some may not be as pigmented as others, but overall I’m pretty much satisfied with its color payoff, less fallout and soft powdery-creamy texture.




dior 5 couleurs in cuir cannage and versailles

Versailles – A very glittery combination of shades. The silver and gold shimmers are great for highlights, while the dark brown shade is ideal for contouring. A great compact for someone who likes a standout eye makeup look.

Cuir Cannage – A great combo of matte taupe shades. Super pigmented and has very smooth formulation. My most favorite shade of all of Dior’s 5 Couleurs. It’s quite similar to Chanel Tisse Rivoli.



dior 5 couleurs montaigne ambre nuit

Montaigne – Another matte shades but on the lighter side. I really like this compact, but the middle shade is my problem. It’s too close to my “latte” skin that it doesn’t show up. But still, the rest of the colors are very much wearable.

Ambre Nuit – These are the perfect match of matte and glitter shades in one compact. I really like how pretty and well-coordinated the shades are, and at the same time it has the right blend of textures for any kind of eye makeup look.


You can buy these shades HERE


That’s it¬†guys! ’till then…babooosh!


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