This moisturizer has garnered a lot of positive reviews and a lot of followers. As an Allure Magazine’s 2014 Best of Beauty Winner, this cream is indeed very interesting and worth looking into. It’s sort of an anti-aging cream that claims to refine pores, evens skintones and diminishes wrinkles with time while giving that hydrating, youthful appearance.

dior dreamskin moisturizer


Upon trying, this moisturizer takes a very different form. The texture is more like a skin primer, very similar to Smashbox Photo Finish. It seems to have an added concealer or foundation that makes imperfections disappear. It’s like half moisturizer and half make-up. It’s very interesting. However, I didn’t really notice the hydrating part, since it really feels more like applying a thin layer of foundation. Thus, probably, the pore-refining and skintone evenness claim, which resulted to that youthful glow.


dior totale dreamskin anti aging


The scent is truly wonderful and very fresh. In fact, you might love this cream for its breathtaking scent, but honestly, I wasn’t really captured. I wanted a hydrating cream that could promote a better-looking skin from constant use over time, not just hide blemishes for the moment. If you want a quick-fix or you’re a minimalist when it comes to make-up, you might wanna go for this. It all boils down to what you’re looking for in a cream.


dior global anti aging capture totale


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