Aloha Friends! how y’all doing? me? as usual…daydreaming on a gloomy spring afternoon. So hey, let’s do some review, ok? Kids, take out your pencil and paper, and listen very carefully.¬†There will be a quiz later, joke! ūüôā¬†

This is an exciting review for me because I always love earrings, and even more so with Dior earrings. I’m sure you’re familiar with Dior Mise En Dior Tribale Earrings, right? they’ve been rocking the fashion scene, since when? 2-3 years now? not really sure, but they’re very popular, still.


dior tribales earrings


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, it’s those pearl-looking asymmetrical beads, one small and one big. They’re actually not pearl, they’re resin beads, but lately, Dior has come up with different materials on these. Some are metallic, marble, clear, etc. Basically, the small pearl rests on the ear, while the largest pearl peeps out subtly from behind the ear lobe. Creating that “tribal-inspired” look. They can be worn alone or as pair. Me? I always wear¬†mine paired. Girl, don’t just rock one dior earring when you can rock two. Rock four more if you want. Whatever works for¬†you. ūüôā


dior mise en dior marble tribale earrings review

Dior Mise En Dior Tribale Earrings in Blue White Marble –¬†¬†This is the first pair that I got at Dior Short Hills New Jersey. Actually, this was love at first sight. Of all the Tribale earrings I’ve seen on Dior’s website, this was the one that I love the most. I like the subtle trace or design of the powder-blue, pastel-colored marble. Since it is made of marble, well, it’s definitely heavier than the usual resin/pearl Tribale earrings. This was also difficult to locate, I guess because this was a seasonal style. Quiz number 1. Was this more expensive than the original pearl earrings or not? Answer. Yes. Double the price. This might be difficult to locate nowadays, so I suggest calling your local Dior boutique to order it somewhere for you. I also saw a pink version of this here


dior miss en dior pearl original tribale earrings review

Dior Mise En Dior Tribale Earrings in Pearl Color – This is the second pair that I got at Dior CityCenterDC. If you are around DC, definitely drop-by at Dior CityCenterDC, they have an amazing customer service there, at least in my experience. This is also the original white pearl (resin) Mise En Dior Tribale earrings. I really like this because you know…nothing beats the original! It’s very classic and edgy at the same time. If you have dark hair, this will be complete standout. Quiz number 2. How much is it? Answer. As of April 2016, the price is $410. I’ve seen other nice designs when I was at Dior CityCenterDC. The palladium “silver” colored one were interesting, but the “Tokyo 2015” styles were breathtaking, I think they’re around the $800+ range.¬†


On Ears:


dior marble tribale earrings review


dior mise en dior pearl earrings



The S.A .advised me to¬†be gentle when pulling the studs apart¬†at the beginning, since it will be very tight, but only at first. He didn’t really advised me to “twist” them, but just to pull it lightly. But I’ve been twisting mine all the time, and nothing has happened. Although, yes, I am always gentle when I put them on.

Overall, the best things about these earrings are its unique and wearable design. I love how different they are that they always spark curiosity, at the same time, they’re very¬†comfortable to wear since they don’t snug on the¬†hair, unlike most dangling earrings.


For a cheaper alternative of these Dior original tribale earring, see my review here.