diptyque candles review


Howdy Candle Lovers! I finally pulled the trigger and tried some Diptyque candles in votive sets. As you can see above, they’re RosesFiguier and the most popular one, Baies

I was wondering what’s the fuss with all these fancy schmancy scented candles? why are they in almost every blogger’s photos? I swear, I’ve been dying to know, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger until I saw a Diptyque store at Grand Central NYC, and the rest was history. 🙂 

What do I think of them? They’re really pretty, with a capital P. 🙂 There’s something sleek about a white candle/wax in a clear glass jar, which has a nice and crisp white label that identifies the scent. This is nothing like your ordinary scented candle for sure. Even without lighting these candles, their scents trail everywhere and mind you, they’re really strong. Not in a bad way though, they’re more perfumey and quite soapy at the same time. But it’s not a bad combination, it’s actually very pleasing to the senses. FYI: How d’ya pronounce “Diptyque?” Is it Deep-tick as in fleas? Is it Dip-tike? No girl, read mah words, not lips, it’s “Dip-Teek” so they say…

They definitely smell high-end. The kind of scents you usually notice upon entering some high-end stores, like the friendliest place on earth called Barneys. 🙂 hahah, (don’t get me wrong, they’re not all like that, you know… 🙂 ) I definitely understood now why a lot of people went gogogaga with these, they smell soooo gooood it’s addicting! Everytime I light one of these candles and close my eyes, I could hear Iggy Azalea in the background singing “I’m So Fancy” 🙂  But of course, I open my eyes and realize “it’s a damn expensive candle I’m burning!”  Lawd what has gotten into me?…. I’m really going to hell…  🙂  but wait, let’s see what I got;

diptyque baies candle

Baies – Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the most famous Diptyque candle of them all? Baies my queen readers! With a mix of roses and blackcurrant leaves, this scent is fruity, sexy, fresh, and just lovely. If you’re planning to buy just one Diptyque candle in your life, (which probably you wont, I guarantee it) then go with this one. The scent is strong, so strong that I could smell this anywhere inside my house. Even if I cover or hide it, it’s still haunting me everywhere like a ghost. 🙂

diptyque figuer candle

Figuier – Never knew Diptyque could make a fig-scented candle this good. This candle smells like Fig and nothing but the Fig or Fig wood I should say. This is the preferred scent of Marc Jacobs, you know him? I do, he’s my next door neighbor, like some 300 years ago…LOL! Anyway, this scent is also gorgeous, it’s smells like a strong, perfumey and milky fig. A lot of people are definitely in love with this.

diptyque roses candle

Roses – Roses are red my love, violets are blue…my second favorite scent next to Baies. This indeed smells like a bouquet of roses, as in so much so. Its scent is also strong and might be slightly similar to Baies, but that’s because Baies has roses in it too. 


To sum it all up, these candles are great! they have such intense and unique scents. I’m actually surprised and amazed at how good these candles are. Now, when it comes to price point, are they worth it? Hmm, that’s the million dollar question. Girl, it depends. If you can afford it, why not coconut? right? Personally, I would love to buy them all, but I think it’s better to pick only what you like/love the most, and probably buy a few limited editions here and there. They’re really wonderful candles, and I’m now a convert, but after all, they’re just candles.


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‘Till Next Time…