Hello There! It’s not every day that we find a makeup that we don’t like. In my case, I always seem to like my makeup because I usually do my research before buying them. However, sh*t happens, they say ūüôā and from time to time you get a bummer, no matter how much research you’ve done. When that happens, you tend to go through the five process of grieving: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. It’s that serious? yep, you bet. As for me, I’m still wavering between bargaining and acceptance, perhaps denial, but yeah, whatevs! here’s my take on some disappointing and potentially dangerous beauty products.

Note:¬†(children, read this carefully or else you’ll get zero on the exam.) The intention of this review is not to demean the brands of these beauty products, but to raise awareness and caution of the potentially dangerous ingredients that contain in these specific products. Like most brands, there are good and bad products, one bad product does not¬†imply¬†that all products¬†from that brand are all bad.


too faced bare minerals nyx clinique




too faced eye love palette

Too Faced Eye Love – I really really really really love the colors of this eye palette, and I thought I found “the one.” OMG! this was a bad romance! know why? It didn’t happen earlier, it happened later. At first, there was no issue with this, I’ve used this several times and no exorcisms happened, and perhaps there’s supposed to be none, UNTIL…I traveled to another planet, yes another planet, and that planet was so freakin’ humid. That’s when sh*t happened. So, I had my eyes all done with this, and after 1-2 hours, I felt a burning sensation. At that time, I couldn’t clean my eyelids cause I was in the middle of something very important, so I had to stand the burning for a couple more hours, and my god! my eyelids burned like hell. After wiping out this eyeshadow, my eyelids were swollen, red and blistered. I was still able to open my eyes, but it hurt and burned so bad, there were black spots buried deep in my skin, weird! The culprit? Mica and Bismuth Oxychloride, these two are the most common ingredient found in mineral makeup. So there you go, if you’re allergic to mineral makeup, please make sure that these two ingredients are not there. With regards to this particular product, I got this some time ago, so perhaps this is the only disappointing eyeshadow from too faced, and perhaps, this products has long been gone. If you still have it, please be careful. I think this only hits when you’re in a humid climate, so you may still be able to use it.


bare minerals original review

Bare Minerals (in Light color) – This is another misfortune. A product I once loved so much, I thought I would never switch. But I did because this made my face looked like a carnage. Again, like Too Faced’s Eye Love, this didn’t betray me right then and there. It was about 5-7 days of constant usage that I started to look like a cross-pollination between Deadpool and the walker in The Walking Dead. My face was so red everywhere, I could literally see my veins pulsating, and no, I don’t¬†have chronic blushing. I didn’t suspect this product at first, I thought it was something else, but after reading a lot of complaints, I was sure this was the culprit. It’s such a pity, I hope Bare Minerals will take out the Mica and Bismuth Oxychloride out of this foundation. This would have been a staple¬†in every girl’s makeup bag. So yeah, back to the world of liquid foundation.


clinique foundation

clinique foundation

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation+Concealer – This isn’t about its ingredients or quality, it’s about its wrong shade. It’s not my fault or Clinique’s fault, it’s Sephora’s fault because this product was part of Sephora’s free sample online. The problem is, Sephora tends to give you a sample without allowing you to choose the color since they never really show the shade’s name on their list of free samples. You’re really choosing the samples blindly. I wish Sephora will stop doing this. In terms of quality, I like the texture of this creamy foundation/concealer. I think this is Clinique’s new product, and I would like to buy it in my matching shade. This one is just too dark and too reddish for me.


nyx eyebrow pencil

nyx eyebrow black

Nyx Eyebrow Pencil in Black – Again, another case of good product, wrong color, or should I say, too strong color? This eyebrow pencil could potentially rival Anastasia’s brow products, given its cheaper price, but this delivers a very dark shade of black. It’s hard to pull this off because it’ll make your eyebrows look too harsh, like Cruella De Vil much? or Maleficent much? The gray version of this is much better, but still, I prefer Burberry’s or Anastasia’s Brow Wiz over this. The brush doesn’t help either. Another thing I wanna point out is Nyx’s horrible customer service. If you’re gonna be ordering their products online, then you’re in for a bad experience. Why? because you’re gonna be waiting in vain as to when you’re going to receive your product, actually it’ll take forever, and there’s nobody there to answer the phone. They’ll even cancel your order without letting you know. Grrrr! I suggest buying their products at Ulta, Target or some selected CVS stores. They have cheap, good quality makeup, but zero in customer service.


nyx retractable liner

nyx retractable liner review

Nyx Retractable Lip Liner in Nude – I love the texture and formula of this one. I have nothing bad to say except that this is just too nude for me. It’s the wrong shade that disappointed me. It appeared like “the right kind of nude” for someone with pigmented lips, but this made me looked too washed-out once applied. It’s not so bad, but I prefer a nude for any skin tone, not nude only for the lighter ones. It does look orangey-brown which one might think is the perfect nude color, but once applied, it looked too fleshy for someone with NC30 skin. It’s really only great as a lip liner but not a good lipstick alternative, Of all the products mentioned here, this one I’ll still keep. I love its waterproof and easy to glide texture.


You know that feeling when you get disappointed with a brand’s particular product that you’re already scared of trying “their other products?” trauma much? I thought I would get into that direction, but, nope, I still love Too Faced’s other products, like their “Melted” line and Nyx’s “Soft Matte Lip Cream.” So, Don’t get me wrong, it’s just a normal love/hate relationship with some beauty products.