This weeks’ gorgeous nail polish color is from one of my favorite nail polish brand, it’s Essie!!! Apart from OPI, Essie is one of the best and easy to find nail polish out there. I love how they constantly update their color line-up and releases different hues every season. Their colors are very wearable and has good quality. One of my all time favorite color from Essie is “Wicked“, as in Wickedly Good.


essie wicked nail polish


I remember this was first released during that whole Wizard of Oz/Wicked Witch of the West Phenomenon. I was browsing through CVS’ beauty section since they have Essie nail polish (just to check what’s new) and this particular polish caught my eye. I thought “oh! what a pretty wicked color”. From then on, this nail polish gets my attention every fall or winter.


essie nail color review wicked


The color may seem too dark after 2 coats, specially if you’re looking at it on gloomy day. On a brighter day, it comes as slightly red wine color. Like Chanel’s Vamp or OPI’s Malaga Wine. It’s kinda tricky to apply this polish. Although the consistency is good and the color is rich and deep, if you stain your skin around your nails, the color may bleed on your skin and will make it look slightly red-tinged.

Whatevs! I just love the color! it’s bloody, it’s dark, it’s mean, it’s badass, it’s sexy, it’s complicated, it’s intimidating and most of all, it’s screaming “confidence”. What’s wrong with being confident? right? (Demi?) Remember, Wicked is Good 🙂


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