too faced melted matte lipstick review


Before I proceed, please read my review of Too Faced Melted & Melted Chocolate review, here and here for more info. Proceed with Caution, baboon lips in swatches.

Hello! First of all, let me tell you how I looooove and adore these Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipsticks! gosh, I wish I grabbed some at my local Sephora before they got sold out. And yes, I’m really using the word “grab” because girls and boys, don’t waste time, try it now, as in now! run! don’t walk, don’t skip, don’t stumble. 

The reason why I didn’t try them immediately because I was a bit wary of what might their scents be. I thought they’re gonna have that strong vanilla smell like their previous Melted Liquified and Melted Chocolate lines. But when I tried them on I was really surprised, they almost didn’t have any scents at all, just a slight vanilla scent but not overpowering and gross. On top of that, the formula is amazing! it’s one of the best I’ve tried, and it’s definitely on par with Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and Kat Von D’s Everlasting liquid lipstick. I love how the formula dries quickly, but not very drying, has very very less transfer, in fact almost none. And the shades! OMG! TDF! they’re so pigmented and very wearable, almost any color would work well on any skin tone, well, just don’t overdo it, ok?

I’m planning to buy more, dunno what shades really yet, but I kinda have my eye on “Cool Girl” and perhaps “Child Star



too faced melted matte liquified long wear matte lipstick review


too faced melted matte liquified long wear matte lipstick review in queen b and sell out



too faced melted matte liquified lipstick in queen b


Queen B: Matte Soft Mauve. I wasn’t sure about this shade at first, because I thought it would make my lips looking “bruised,” heck no, it actually complemented my pigmented lips. In fact it looked like my lips but better and well amplified, ha! (for the lack of a better term.) So for any of you who has a mauve undertone lips, this will work really well. Also, the hyaluronic filling in this formula will keep your lips looking moisturized and plumpy.


too faced melted matte liquified long wear matte lipstick in sell out


Sell Out: Matte Soft Pinky-Brown. If you’re not a fan of mauve tones, try this. This is also one of those “my lips but better” and is in the coral/brown side, or at least it looked slightly coral-ish on me. It’s a pretty color for those who wants some light peachy brown shade but don’t want that full blown bright red on their lips. I didn’t notice the pinkish shade one me though, I guess because of my NC30-35 skin shade. In fact, it looked more like a nude, peachy, red-brown on me. A beautiful easy to wear color, a true sell out indeed. 

Have you tried these already? Which one’s your fave?

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