Anyoung Haseyo! Folks, I’m gonna tell you all about my favorite Korean beauty products.  It’s not a lot really, but I’m planning to expand my collection in the future for sure. First, let me tell you how I love Korean makeup and skin care products. I think their products work, and they are so innovative plus creative with any beauty products they’ve produced. As someone who once lived in Asia, I definitely knew that Asians put emphasis on good skin care first, while makeup, and I mean good, light, and conservative makeup comes second to complement a good and well-maintained skin. Thus you’ll notice a lot of asian actresses with amazingly dewy, milky and gorgeous skin. Korean actors and actresses are specially good at that too. Just watch one of their Korean soap opera, or better yet, just watch Jeon Ji Hyun in My Love From The Star. You’ll see…

korean beauty products review

I know I know I’m late to the fiesta, that was like 3 years ago since My Love From The Star was released, but I’ve heard about it you know, and my golly, I just love her, Ji Hyun, a.k.a Cheon Song Yi. That gorgeous skin, that pretty and angelic face, that beautiful hair, that lean body, those clothes, those shoes, those bags! Oh I could go on and on and on. She’s definitely my favorite Asian actress and I’ve been a fan since “My Sassy Girl” “Windstruck” and “Il Mare.” 

Anyhow, long story short, these favorite korean beauty products of mine are definitely inspired by Jeon Ji Hyun or Jun Ji-Hyun a.k.a Gianna Jun or otherwise simply known as Cheon Song Yi in My Love From The Star. so, check it out…



iope waterfit lipstick review


IOPE Water Fit Lipstick in #44 Forever Pink: When I got this lipstick, I was like “this is definitely the color of her lipstick” in MLFTS. A lot of people say it’s YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #52, but I’d say, probably both. Although I think this is the shade that was used on her during the show for most of the time. YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #52 is more a neon rose-coral shade that’s kinda hard to wear, but this one is a gorgeous, luminous, silky, and moisturizing pink that works really well on any skin tone. This lipstick is AMAZING! simply because even if it’s very shiny and creamy, it’s still very pigmented and lasts a long time. It also feels like nothing on your lips, unlike most glossy lipsticks out there. I like using this to create a beautiful ombre lip effect, like Ji-Hyun’s lips in MLFTS. I definitely love this a lot.


iope air cushion compact review


IOPE Air Cushion #N23 Natural Beige: What’s the secret to Asian dewy and luminous skin? Try IOPE Air Cushion. This pretty compact is what’s in the craze nowadays. Even Sephora is selling one made by Amore Pacific, (found here) the maker of IOPE cosmetics. So yeah, there you go, it’s not just its memory foam-like puff applicator that will impress you, its saturated cushion sponge is very one of a kind. The formula is great, as it gives you a dewy and flawless skin and it also lasts a very long time. Just be careful to always close your compact tightly as the saturated cushion sponge could dry out.



skin79 bb beblesh cream review



Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream: The first ever Korean skin care product I’ve tried, and one of the original BB Creams which started it all. When US BB Creams, CC Creams, DD Creams and EE Creams (LOL) were the products of the moment a few years back, I was slapping myself with the real deal. 🙂 This is a great BB Cream with great overall skin coverage. FYI: No need to put a lot as it is on the heavy side. I love how it’s All-in-One and how friendly it is on my skin despite the cream’s full-on coverage. It does come off as a whitening-anti-wrinkle-sunblock-foundation-moisturizer kind of cream, and yes it basically screams “Name it! I have it!” The only drawback is that there’s only one shade, and it looks like a dark beige tone but it actually looks too light on my medium skin tone. So gotta use only a pea-size if you don’t want to look like Samara. Who’s Samara? Go Figure. 🙂


See yah later Alligator. 

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