Ever tired of giving your cats the same crunchy, biscuit-like treats every day? I’m sure they do. Well, if you think that Feline Greenies Pill Pockets are just good for giving medications to cats, think again.


feline greenies pill pockets treats


This is a very tasty and healthy treat for our feline friends. Sure they have built-in hole or pockets to hide the pills inside, which this treat was basically made for, but they can also serve as a nice, little, cute-looking treat for cats that turns up their noses to most cat food or cat treats. It’s like an alternative to good ol’ traditional pet treats.

I personally love the way this pill pocket looks like. It’s like an edible bead that looks too good to be true. Yet indeed it is very healthy with fewer calories, less fat, less sodium and vet recommended. You don’t even need to put a pill inside, just give it as a treat.


feline greenies pill pockets texture



Most cats usually swallow this thing in an instant, you won’t even see it coming! while some kinda act like they’re not sure what to do about it at the beginning, but in the end, they’re all gonna be “finger-lickin’ good” delighted with this thing.


feline greenies pill pockets different flavors



Remember, give treats in moderation and observe for any untoward reactions during the first few days of servings. Pill Pockets are available in different flavors and each formulation is different for cats and dogs.


feline greenies pill pockets zoom in



These treats are available at all major pet stores everywhere, including online pet stores and at amazon.com