frau karl druschki rose


If you’ve been on the hunt for a beautiful white rose in your garden, never ever miss this beautiful Frau Karl Druschki hybrid tea rose. It is possibly one of the best white roses I have ever seen. 

It is not only that the petals are pure white, this rose itself is large and globular and has high-pointed buds. They also have a beautiful green foliage that may require a bit of spraying here and there. Also, this particular rose may not have a strong scent, but its blooms are prolific and a reliable showoff in the garden.


rosa frau karl druschki



Before, this rose was once called the “Snow Queen” or “White American Beauty.” It belongs to the old rose category and is in the gorgeous hybrid tea family. It’s doesn’t really form into a bush, as it has a tendency to act as a climber, which therefore requires training and some staking. Another important note about this rose, is that this may take time to establish itself. But once established, this will be a complete Bloomington. 

This rose can grow in zone 6 to 9 and the plants itself can reach up to 4 to 6 feet in height.


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