This post is all about the one big issue when having a pet. Especially pets with long hairs or thick short hairs that are so annoying to get rid of when they spread all over the sofa, the bed sheets, the floor and your entire house! I sure do share your agony of having to clean, brush or vacuum like crazy just to get rid of them damn sticky hairs. So, instead of getting rid of my constantly shedding pets (that’s cruel), I learned to manage them with some tools that may help reduce some hairs/fur around the house. Take note “reduce” which means that you cannot ever, as in evah! (lol) completely get rid of their hairs. It’s always gonna be there, following you, every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, (I’ll be watching you 🙂 “)

But annoyance no more, because one of the few best deshedding tool out there is FURminator.


furminator review


This thing works, for real, no gimmick here. The tool reminded me of those things they once used to get rid of hair lice, hahaha. Now it works to peel a layer of your pet’s hair to avoid further deshedding. The ones in the picture above are for short-haired cats, size small and large.


large short hair furminator
large size furminator for short-haired cats


small furminator
small size furminator for short-haired cats


This tool is more on the heavy side, but not sharp at all. Still, you need to be careful when brushing your pets. Don’t let them bite the rubber handle (which they’ll like) and don’t let them bite the metallic part too. The ones for the long-haired breeds has longer metallic teeth which can go deeper into their hairs/fur.


furminator deshedding review

Just one stroke. Your pet may not feel comfortable at it first, but it won’t hurt.


furminator review

See the hairs? that’s after 1 stroke. You can probably do 1-3 strokes/brushing in the same area of your pet’s body but don’t overdo it. I recommend brushing with this once a week or twice if needed. I probably took a handful of clumped fur from my pet.


Cat furminator review
Bibi Approved


Meet Bibi, my gorgeous, cute and beautiful blue British Shorthair boy. He sheds a lot but likes his FURminator a lot too. Try it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

You can buy the tools here:

FURminator large for short-haired cats 

FURminator small for short-haired cats