the good girl


And I knew then that if anything went wrong, he would end my life…

Р Chloe/Mia. An excerpt from The Good Girl, by Mary Kubica

Hey there bookworms! First, let me tell you that I have not yet recovered since reading this book. ūüôā Yeah, I know it’s crazy, but my goodness! this book haunted me so much. This is definitely one of those “Gone Girl” kind that makes you think and rethink, and that you’ll never gonna be the same after reading this. For sure, you’ll definitely¬†be scarred for life. ūüôĀ¬†

Right from the moment I started listening to this audiobook, I knew I was gonna be in for a thrill ride. Something was definitely wrong with the amnesiac “Chloe” and I felt really sorry for her British mom. The entire story revolves around different character perspectives and I really love a book that’s told in the first person. There’s just something very personal about it. Like you can really sense the narrator’s deepest thoughts. I also love the readers of this audiobook, I think they’ve done a great¬†job narrating and their voices conveyed the book’s emotional intent.

I¬†don’t always get affected by the books that I’ve read, but this one is just so riveting that it made me cry. The author had done an amazing job in developing the book’s characters and their conflicts. Who wouldn’t love Colin? and Mia/Chloe, all I can is “darn…” No spoilers here, nah uh…

This book is full of twists and turns, while being dramatic and gripping at the same time, such a beautiful masterpiece. 

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