Hi there my fellow cat lovers! For years now, my cats have been enjoying the same treats everyday. I could say that these treats are one of the very few that I truly trust, and I’ve had experiences with other treats before where some actually made my cats very sick. Since then, it’s been hard for me to trust other brands, and it’s not like there’s a lot of brands out there that caters to making cat treats. In my opinion, most pet treats are still geared towards the canines and not so much with the felines. Hmm, I hope that’ll change very soon.

The cat treat that my cats love is Greenies…


greenies review


You know what they are! they’re the green treats that look like pot cookies ūüôā but fear not, because they aren’t. They just looked like it, LOL, and you can’t eat them either because I bet you that they taste like sh*t. hahahah




greenies dental treats review

Greenies Feline Dental Treats (Savory Salmon) – My cats love this crunchy¬†and weird-shaped dental treats. It’s the only Veterinary Oral Health Council (V.O.H.C.) accepted feline dental treat for tartar reduction. Its weird ridged curvy shape and its crunchy texture are meant to promote good oral health. Basically, this treat helps to clean the cat’s teeth by making them chew and chew it more, thus reducing tartar buildup on teeth. Plus, it comes in lots of different flavors and in a bigger value size package. My cats especifically like the ‘flavor fusion” pack.


greenies smartbites hairball control healthy skin and fur

Greenies Smartbites (Healthy Skin & Fur, Hairball Control) – These two kinds of Greenies Feline treats are very identical in form and texture yet they differ in ingredients. The Hairball Control has “fiber blend” (a combination of plant-based fibers) to help minimize hairball formation in the stomach. The Healthy Skin & Fur treats has fish oil and whole ground flaxseed to help maintain your cat’s healthy fur and also to nourish the skin. These treats come in different flavors as well.




greenies feline treats
Bibi loves his Greenies a lot


My cats love these treats a lot. They go crazy when they hear the bag open. Here, you can see Bibi posing with his favorite treats. FYI: when giving these treats, always follow Greenies’ feeding guidelines and/or directions¬†so that your cat won’t turn into a fattie. ūüôā Overall, Greenies Feline are the only brand of cat treats that I can trust for my cats because I see that they’ve put emphasis¬†in promoting a feline’s overall health.


You can buy these treats here:

Greenies Feline Dental Treats –¬†

Greenies Feline Smartbites (Healthy Skin & Fur) –¬†

Greenies Feline Smartbites (Hairball Control) –¬†