five lipstick gucci audacious


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Now, here’s part of two of the beautiful Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipsticks, and they are a force to be reckoned with.



gucci audacious lipstick in electric crimson


Electric Crimson

A shiny, shimmering, splendid red, super gorgeous and looks good in all skin color. Very Christmasy but not overdone. Love the gold flecks and the bright red tone on this one. My most favorite of them all.


gucci audacious in iconic red


Iconic Red

This kind of red seems to vary on different skin colors. Personally, I find this to be very orangey red, not that exciting on tanned skin. Looks better on fair-skinned people probably. Not sure if it deserves to be called Iconic, because it’s not really a true red for me. However, the formula is good, gives a deep pigment in just one application.


gucci audacious lipstick in velvet burgundy


Velvet Burgundy

At a glance, you’d think this is the perfect deep dark red, but upon application, this lipstick turns into a reddish pink, slightly bloody, slightly violet in color. A little too dramatic for daywear and mostly ideal for nighttime use, like parties or other special events.


gucci audacious in berry vanity


Berry Vanity
Probably one of the ideal rich, deep, slightly dark, pure red color in this lipstick line. Just plain deep red without any color influence that suits best on all skin color. One of my favorite. This color is suitable for daywear, but probably better to swipe on lips once since the color is still very rich and deep. A much better red that Velvet Burgundy, if you’re looking for that old Hollywood glam red lip.


gucci audacious in imperial red


Imperial Red

The most commanding and most challenging red of all. If you want dark, vampy, slightly scary, Halloween type of lipstick, then you can never go wrong with this. You might think this lipstick is reddish brown, no it’s not. It’s red with tons of bloody violet that really makes you look so queenly. Very difficult to wear unless you’re planning to do something sinister, lol. However, this lipstick is pretty if you don’t put a lot or you could layer it with some lipsticks with lighter tones


The Swatches


gucci lipstick swatches


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