We all know what it is. The iconic H bracelet, the one that hangs on almost every celebrities and fashionistas’ arm. That cute enamel bracelet that comes in all sorts of shades. Pretty, trendy, eye-catching and breathtaking, who could not be Hermèsmerized with that charm?


hermes clic clac bracelet


What is it made of?

The bracelet is basically made of enamel for the colored part, which comes in different gorgeous colors. The hardware can be either palladium or gold-plated.


hermes clic h bracelet review


What are the sizes?

Sizes can be either in PM or GM. PM for petit model, which basically is meant for people with smaller wrists. measuring 15.7 cm in circumference. Gm for grande model, for people with bigger wrist, and has 17 cm circumference.

The bracelet width can also be either Narrow .5 inch called Clic H, Wide Clic Clac 1 inch, Extra Wide 1.5 inch and Mega 2 inch. Depending on your taste and budget.

There are also special ones in which the “H” is colored or painted in black or in white.


hermes clic h bracelet gm


The colors:

This bracelet comes in different colors. Every season, Hermès releases a couple of new colors and retires the older ones.

The Black Enamel in gold hardware is very classy and formal and goes with everything. There are other colors that will match your skin tone better and also take note which hardware will look better on your skin. For the most part, I’ve seen people hoarding different colors in gold hardware. Hmmm…interesting.


hermes clic h black enamel bracelet in gm


How to open:

Just push both sides of the bracelet towards the “H” in the middle, turn the “H” and then it’s open. Easy peasy.


hermes clic h bracelet in black enamel gold hardware



My bracelet is fairly new, but most people attested that theirs are pretty much well-made and holds out quite well. Only a few reports of hardware tarnishing, but for the most part, almost all owners are satisfied.


hermes clic h black bracelet narrow


What I love about this:

I love that it’s a bangle-style bracelet, which means, I can have it hold onto my skin without it falling or dangling on my wrist, especially when handwashing. Plus, I really find it annoying whenever my bracelet dangles. (Pet Peeves).

It’s a very beautiful, classic bracelet that you can wear with anything and will probably wear for years to come. The narrow ones are not heavy and don’t look tacky. Plus you can stack them with other Clic H in different colors. The gold hardware is just so lush that it brings out the best in any color. Palladium hardware is quite edgy too.


hermes bracelet black gold gm review


The Hermès experience:

The bracelets are also available online here. If purchasing in Hermès store online, they’re actually prompt in shipping the item, and it was packed so well in a nice little orange box and brown ribbon. You can tell they really put a lot of attention into details to make their customer happy. They’ll even send samples of their beauty/body products together with the bracelet.

Note: when choosing shipping method, just select Fed-Ex ground, it’s cheaper and they will still send your package in 2 days. Purrrfect!


hermes clic h black enamel gold hardware in gm review