hermes clic h review


Whaddup Friends?!?! Hmmm, lemme guess, I know why you’re here. Yeah, specifically here, because you’re an Hermes gogo-gaga fanatic because you wanna be “HERMESmerized” or perhaps, you already are. Oh….you hedonistic little bugger! you’re just like me…LOL…just kidding…peace!!!!

I am such a sucker for anything Hermes, the complete epitome of style, class, elegance, and quality. Gosh, if only I could have them all…I wish… Anyways, back to reality, one of my most favorite stuff from Hermes are their bracelets, specifically the smaller version of the clic clac. If you have not read my review of my other clic h, please read it here. Apart from Hermes’ gorgeous and colorful scarves, I have been a fan of their clic h which suits my short arms pretty well.


hermes clic h review
Hermes Clic H in Blue Indian or Bleu Indien


I’ve always wanted another color apart from my other black clic h. But before I proceed, may I please remind you that “Warning: Once you have one clic H, you can never, ever, super-never, evah stop!”  there’s no turning back, because it’s like a curse where there’s no cure or no magic spell to revert back to your old self. Nope, not even reincarnation. 🙂 You’re gonna want to have them in different colors that you won’t be able to pronounce! consider yourself warned.


hermes clic h blue indian


This is my second Hermes clic h bracelet in Bleu Indien (French) or Blue Indian (English). I love this right from the start. Why I chose this? first, because I like this shade of blue. Kind of a marine turquoise blue with a bit of green, and I knew it’s going to be just the right kind of blue for my skin color. There were two other kinds of blue or blue-green, a Blue Atoll which is like an aquamarine light greenish blue (more on the green side) that resembles the tiffany trademark color and Blue Lagoon an emerald green, which was more of a dark sea green blue. The blue indian appealed to me more. Second reason, it’s getting harder and harder to find this color. So if you want it, go call and talk to your Hermes S.A. or stalk the Hermes website like crazy, (which I did) hehehe.


hermes clic h review in blue indian


Apart from the color and the fact that it appears and disappears on Hermes’ radar, I love the the fact that this elevates your look and with the right color, your skin will glow like nobody’s business. Yeah gurl, whenever I wear my bracelet, (which is underneath my sweater), (which is underneath my coat), (which nobody really sees, coz it’s winter?), I then realize that girl… I look so Maj, and nobody can stop me!” Oh my, stop me! the curse is coming….


hermes blue indian


So, boy and girls, before I go, just wanna let you know that this bracelet is gold-plated, with the color blue in enamel. So far, the color has never faded, it’s well constructed, has good quality, no rust, and with just a few scratches. It’s in PM size, which is 7.5 in circumference. I have a small wrist,  so personally, I find that PM or GM works fine with me.


So Ciao and Buy Now. Prepare to be cursed. Oh, and don’t forget to check this out if you’re hermesterested.