Howdy Friends! Before we proceed, kindly checkout the first and second part of this review, here and here.  The previous reviews were about the Blue Indian and Black colors.

Today, I am going to talk to you about the latest additions to my growing collection of Hermes Clic H. I love them and we all love them, they’re very colorful yet classic and sleek. On top of that, Hermes seems to release different colors in every season. Sometimes , some colors mysteriously appears and disappears in their website. It can be a game of cat and mouse specially if you want a particular color so bad. However, I always recommend that you guys should see them in store first. Some colors on Hermes’ website do not reflect the actual colors of the Clic H IRL. In Real Life. ūüôā


hermes clic h rose velour pm and orange gm




hermes clic h enamel bracelet in orange

Hermes Clic H Enamel Bracelet in Orange, Palladium Hardware, size Gm – This was something of an ¬†unexpected love when I purchased this bracelet. I never knew I could like an orange color, even more so wearing it. Of all the colors in the color wheel, it’s orange that I can’t seem to be a fan of. I guess because they never really look good on my tanned skin. But my oh my, when I tried this on, I was like “What a bright and beautiful orange this is?” There’s just something about a classicHermes orange, for sure. This color is not a dull and boring orange, but more like a fruity¬†cute orange. I’ve tried on reds and browns, but they looked flat on me. So yeah, don’t judge a book by its cover, indeed. P.S. A big shoutout to the wonderful S.As. in Hermes, El Corte Ingles Diagonal Barcelona for their amazing customer service, it’s where I got this beautiful bracelet.


hermes enamel bracelet in rose velour

Hermes Enamel Clic H Bracelet in Rose Velour, Palladium Hardware, size PM – I’ve been looking for a pink clic h for some time now. Finally, lots of pink clic h came on this year in Hermes’ website. I guess because of the color of the year thingy. Rose quarts and Serenity galore. So yeah, feast your eyes on Hermes’ website, friends! I have been eyeing the Rose Velour color as soon as it was released. Oh yeah, I’ve been stalking that Hermes website for some new colors. Pssst. However, as I happen to be in Hermes CityCenterDC, I asked if they have the Rose Velour, and yep! they have lots of them. In fact, Hermes CityCenterDC has a lot of Clic Hs and Clic Clacs in stock. As usual, I picked the Rose Velour with the palladium hardware as it suits better with my tanned skin. This color is very very pretty. It’s not fuchsia pink, but more like a mauve muted pink. It’s definitely the darkest pink Hermes Clic H I’ve seen. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think¬†it’s darker than Rose Dragee, Rose Nacarat, Sugar Pink, Crimson Rose, less muted than Rosewood and a lot lighter than Burgundy.



hermes clic h enamel bracelet in orange and rose velour pm gm

As you can see, I have a 6.5 inch wrist that can fit a size GM or PM Clic H. I like wearing a GM and PM together if I want to stack my Clic Hs.


Till next time folks…ciao!


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