In today’s generation, a good practical belt should stay and hold our pants while we move around and do our daily activities. Unfortunately, most belts are made the same way. They are either bulky, heavy, thick, metallic or just simply unflattering. Most of all, they’re difficult to adjust.


invisibelt review


Don’tcha just love a belt with no bulky buckles? a belt that can go through airport security without beeping any alarms? Practically thin and easy to adjust? Eliminates any gaping waistline and holds your pants while laying flat and is almost invisible?


review on skinny invisibelt plastic belt


The Invisibelt eliminates most of the problems we have with the common belts nowadays. An answer to most women who suffer from fluctuating waistlines and wrong choice of jeans (we all do).


skinny invisibelt review plastic PVC belt


What’s great about this belt is that it’s not made to “show off”, there are no tacky logos, no heavy bulging buckles and almost weightless. It’s made to support you and your pants.


1 inch plastic invisibelt review


Since there’s no buckle, it is almost invisible and it comes in clear colors (the best) and in other shades. It will not show through your tight tank tops, and it adjusts like a bra. The skinny style, which is only 1 inch in height, is the best for fitting any pants or trousers with smaller belt loops.


1 inch skinny invisibelt review


The skinny belt is made of PVC (plastic), quite soft, almost feels a “jelly” belt and comes in different sizes and colors. It’s cheap and very easy to clean and use. You can buy yours here